How To Get Him To Do That Honey-Do List

In Proverbs 25:24 it states, “It’s better to live in a corner of the roof than in a house shared with a contentious women.”


I heard footsteps on the roof.

Oh no! This verse in Proverbs came to mind immediately. I hadn’t been that bad, had I? I looked out into the yard and I saw a ladder. Yup, it was confirmed, my husband was on the roof! What was he doing up there? If he wanted to get away from me I would have gladly gone to the salon or for a cup of coffee!

Men, do you ever feel like you need a reprieve from your wife?

I know my husband does sometimes. He’ll ask, “Can we just be quiet, please?” Yup! I can do that! Or he’ll send signals he wants to be left alone. I’m happy to do so. Hey, I’ve got my girlfriends I can call!

Ladies, do you ever feel like you need more attention from your man?

Do you want to know how to get it?


Leave him alone. What?! Yes, leave him alone. Give him some space. When he knows he can get space, he will want it less and less. And more importantly, when you appreciate him, and dote on him, he’ll want to be around you more often. Perpetually getting on him to do things will only cause him to want to keep away from you.

So, if that’s the case, how in the world do we get that Honey-Do list done? Before we move on to crossing off the tasks on your list, wouldn’t you agree that a harmonious and happy marriage is better than getting any list completed? Amen?

I’m going to repeat that:

A happy and harmonious marriage is better than getting tasks crossed off your list.

But we all know sometimes we like a strong, capable, man to help us out from time to time. Plus, it’s just nice to have help around the house. Agreed?

Okay, try this:

The next time you need something from your husband, plainly ask. Don’t demand, just ask. Then, wait with no expectation. When he gets around to number one on your Honey-Do list thank him, give him a big hug and a kiss, and praise his work. Even if he emptied the trash. “Thank you,” hug, kiss, “I appreciate your help, you really made my day easier! You’re the best husband ever!” Never criticize or complain about the job he did. That’s a surefire way to stop the list crossing off process.

There was a time when my kids were preteens and roughhousing. You know where this is going! The end result was a big hole in my living room wall! It was awhile before my husband could get around to fixing it. I waited. But truthfully, the hole felt like a hole in my heart. Our home means a great deal to us ladies, true?

Then one glorious morning I awoke to a fixed wall. He had stayed up all night fixing it for me! I sobbed with tears of gratefulness, thanking him over and over. Through the years, projects around the house became his idea when he learned how important our home was to me. Slowly, all the fix-it projects have been getting done, as he has time and resources.

And that day he was on our roof?

Hearing the footsteps and looking at the ladder, I suddenly remembered him saying something about a vent that needed to be opened up earlier that morning. Whew! But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be contentious at times. I definitely can hold that title for longer than I would like to admit. So. I. Won’t.

Don’t allow your marriage to suffer because of unfinished projects or tasks.

Ask…wait…thank…praise…be kind…

And if that doesn’t work, give him some fun in the bedroom.

Until next time, love one another.




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