Who Knows the Power of a Praying Father?


We were in the garage—our gym—working out. My husband paused our workout DVD right in the middle. Our son was leaving to preach at a school chapel. Being only twenty, it was his first time doing so. Mike left our “gym” to go into the backyard where he prayed for our son before he left.

Oh the power of a praying dad!

I can honestly say this was not unusual. Throughout their life, Mike often prayed for our children and sent them off with a blessing from Dad and from their Heavenly Father.

My husband tells a story of falling asleep while praying for one of our kids in the middle of the night. He would stand over their cribs when they were babies and pray. One night with one hand on the baby, head bowed, he fell asleep. His head viciously hit the side of the crib. The loud thud, and earthquake shake, woke up the baby.

Hearing the baby crying I rushed into the room.

“What happened?”

As I entered the room, Mike was holding the crying baby.

“Nothing, go back to bed.”

He never told me how the baby had been woken up until recently.

Throughout our children’s growing up years he would pray for each in the night while they slept. I never learned of this until all three were grown.

From birth, to marriage, and on to vocational ministry, Mike sent each off with prayer.

Before Mike officiated the ceremony of our oldest son’s wedding he prayed for him.

Before he walked our daughter down the aisle, Dad prayed for her.

Before our son left for his first vocational ministry job out of state, Dad prayed for him.

When you send your child off with prayer you send them off with power.

Are you praying for your kids?

Are you praying with your kids?

Who knows the power of a praying father? All three of our children never had a “prodigal kid” season. From young they knew what they believed and whom they belonged to.

Perhaps it is a result of their Dad’s faithful and sometimes “painful” prayers?

Love your children by covering them in prayer.

Send your children off with power.

Take advantage of every opportunity to pray for your kids.

We can’t always be with our children, but we can surround him/her with God’s love.

Until next time, stop right now and pray for your family.

2 thoughts on “Who Knows the Power of a Praying Father?

  1. Powerful article. Thank you Lu. I’m very blessed to say I have one of those PRAYING Husbands who Pray for their kids. I am a praying mom too. I’ve started praying for them early. I’m praying for their spouses right now as well. The reminder is powerful to your readers. xoxo

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