Who Else Makes Fashion Mistakes?

Do you serve in ministry? Do you want to make a difference in this world? As a pastor’s wife of a children’s pastor, along with my husband, I feel a deep calling to support and love families. At times my vanity can get in the way of this calling.

Allow me to explain.

My husband encourages me to go shopping and buy new clothes. While I love getting new things I don’t like shopping. Can anyone relate to this? A woman who doesn’t like to shop. It’s an oxymoron! He’ll even go to the mall with me and wait patiently while I lament over purchases. You may be thinking at this point, “I’d kill to have a husband who goes shopping with me!”

I have issues, I already know, please don’t try and fix me by sending condolence notes to my husband.

Shopping can be so intimidating. When things don’t fit right it adds to my already sensitive body issues. And why does it look so good on those manikins and why don’t I look like that? 

Putting together outfits for church can cause mild panic attacks. And if I fail, my daughter will be the first to point out my fashion fumble. Getting a thumbs-up from her is like an A+. Whooya!

However, on this particular Sunday I hit a home run with my wardrobe. Cute dress, cute shoes, I was stylin’! But by 10:00 a.m. my feet were killing me!

And of course that is when a family needed assistance in finding the children’s area. My feet were hurting so much in my stylin’ shoes I couldn’t bare the thought of walking any extra steps, let alone all the way to the front of the church. I happily gave them directions. As soon as they walked away I felt regret. I should have WALKED THEM THERE! Okay, not my proudest moment.

I chose vanity over loving and serving others.

How I looked that day overrode being ready for service and ministry. And on top of it, the long walk to our car at the end of our three services, took longer than I’d like to admit. All because of my sore but cute feet, taking little steps on our trek to the parking structure even after handing off all my stuff to my tired husband.

Moral of the story: Wear the right shoes in order to make a difference and to love others the way Jesus calls us to love them.

Have you ever done this? Allowed something to get in the way of truly serving and loving others?

4 thoughts on “Who Else Makes Fashion Mistakes?

  1. Hi Lu. I shared this on my FB page. It’s happened to me, and at times, I probably didn’t even realize I missed a ministry opp. Thanks for the transparency and the challenge.

  2. Carrie Jo, thank you for sharing that it’s happened to you too. I feel better now, haha! But it’s true sometimes we miss ministry opportunities without even realizing it. Thank you for reading. I invite you to follow me and get regular updates.

  3. Oh my!!! What an awesome post. This happens to me every Sunday. Now I ask myself, will I be able to get to the parking structure without suffering and being angry at the world because my feet are killing me?!?! Yes, always on the lookout for cute but “church friendly walking all the way to the roof of the parking structure” shoes!

  4. Carla, you crack me up! Yes, “will I be able to get to the parking structure” is right!!! We are on our feet a lot on the weekends and “friendly” shoes are a must. I am always on the hunt for shoes that feel good. Thank you for your funny comment!

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