What To Do When Your Man Looks At Another Woman


It infuriates us. It causes insecure feelings we’d rather ignore. When we catch our man even glancing at another, we feel a zap of pain. It stings. And then it can cause us to question, “Am I pretty enough? Am I enough?”

Could it be that it has nothing to do with us women at all? That maybe a male desiring “pleasure through the eyes” is a God given design?

Check out what Shaunti Felhahn, researcher and bestselling author says:

“Certain sights are automatically, biologically, sexual in nature to the male brain—which means those sights deliver a dose of pleasure regardless of whether the guy wants them to.

In light of this, what do we women do with this information?

We can ignore it and hide.


We can demand that our man only look at us.


We can become even more suspect of our man’s “nature” and generate over inflated anxiety wondering what they are looking at all day.

animal-dog-pet-cute-mediumWe can question our beloved about it insistently.


We can compare ourselves to every pretty lady walking by.



We can embrace the male nature and use it to enhance our relationships.


Knowing that our man receives pleasure through his eyes, don’t you think we need to put some effort into being a pleasure to look at?

In other words, groom ourselves in such a way he can get his eye-seeking-pleasure-buzz from us.

How you look matters to your man. Just ask him. This doesn’t mean that we continually need to look like one of the Kardashians. But it does mean you may need to rethink your mom jeans and 80s hair.

My husband got the kids on board and a cue ensued until I got rid of my mom jeans!

Now that they are long gone, I can honestly say that even I am happier.

COME ON LADIES, when we look good, we feel good. True?

Looking our best makes this eye thing a win win for everyone.

So, here’s the nitty-gritty:

I propose dressing up and…

not getting upset when we notice him glancing at another woman. But instead be understanding about the way he is wired.

When you see him take a glance, smile and think to yourself,

She ain’t got nothin’ on me.

And then…

show him something “better” later.

Give grace. Receive grace. And be good to yourself.

Until next time, live victoriously and make it a fantastic week!

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