Need Respect?

I wonder what would happen if people held up a sign that read “I Need a Job! Please Help!” instead of panhandling for money?

Would people be more inclined to help someone find a job, or give them a job, as opposed to handing them a few bucks?

What do you think?

When my husband owned a restaurant, from time to time, men—obviously down on their luck—would come in and ask for food. My husband would tell them that if they cleaned up his parking lot by picking up all the trash, he would feed them a good meal.

How do you think they responded?

More often than not, they would walk away.

A few, and sadly, only a few, would clean up the lot. Afterwards, my husband would feed them and treat them as if they were any other paying customer. He treated them with respect and dignity. One time there was a van discovered with a homeless man who died in it. As they opened the van doors my husband saw the remnants of a meal this deceased man had at our restaurant. My husband had fed him one of his last meals. Not sure what you’re thinking about that, but no, it wasn’t the food that killed this man.

Side thought:

If we have a home, and food, for that we can be thankful. Amen?

Has anyone ever helped you?

Have you ever helped anyone? I’m betting you have.

We are all people and deserve to be treated with dignity and decency.

Thinking back on the way my husband would treat those who would ask for help boosts my respect for him. Thinking back on incidents like that keeps my mind on positive thoughts about him and things I can praise.

Is your appreciation meter running low for your spouse? Think back on something they did you can think about and have respect for. Was there a time you felt really proud of them? Yes. Think about that!

Let your mind dwell on that today.

Until next time, let words of praise flow.



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