Marriage & Winning the Lottery

It seems that no matter how much we have we always want more. Sometimes the simple things in life—the most important things in life—become like vanilla ice cream, status quo, unexciting, neutral, plain, humdrum…boring.

We want to:

lotto ticketWin the Lotto

Get a big promotion

Purchase our dream home

Drive a luxury car, sports car, truck

Vacation in Paris

It seems no matter what we have, it is never enough. Why is that? Why is it so hard to just revel and enjoy what we have? We cannot deny that the simple and free things are what give life its zing and pizzazz. It is the sunsets, the morning air, a cool breeze, the sound of the rain falling on the roof, a child’s smile, laughter, a warm embrace, hearing the words “I love you.”

And one more—the one at the top of my list—it’s even better than winning the lottery…

What is it?

It is retiring at the end of the day with your best friend and the love of your life.

It’s the perfect gift at the end of each day. Being married to someone you are madly in love with is the best gift anyone could have. If you possess this gift you are a very fortunate person and have much to be thankful for. Is it not better than luxurious vacations or cars or homes or stuff?

You won! You hit the lottery!

Let us be mindful of the treasure we possess, and thank God every day for a blessed life. If you retire each night with your best friend and the love of your life, it is like winning the lottery each and every day. Don’t let it turn into something that is humdrum or ho-hum.

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