Leave Your Lipstick on His Lips

“Wait, I left my lipstick on your lips.” I didn’t want him to be embarrassed when he got to work and someone saw lipstick on his lips. Knowing his colleagues, he would have been teased for sure. And yes, I am talking about my husband.

Kissing. How often are you kissing your spouse? In my house according to my children, “Way too much…You guys are embarrassing…I’m leaving…Can you please stop?”

How many times do you kiss your spouse in a day? Have you ever counted? Once? Twice? Never?

lipstick kissFor married couples, kissing says a lot. Kissing sends a message that you love them. Kissing opens the door to intimacy. Kissing says, “I am yours.” Kissing connects two people like nothing else can. Kissing is intimate and personal.

It is difficult to kiss someone and not have feelings of love and appreciation for them. Smooching helps you think about your spouse’s good points, not lingering on their shortfalls. If you are going to linger on something, make it a kiss.

As we linger in the driveway saying goodbye for the day, the only thought I have is wishing he isn’t leaving for work.

Ladies, don’t let your husband leave for the day without a little canoodling. Don’t leave him yearning for affection, instead lavish him with praise and affection and send him out like a warrior ready for battle. Okay, now I’m sounding like a Brave Heart movie but my point is don’t underestimate the power of a kiss.

It is never too late to start upping your smooching number and begin saying, “Wait, I left my lipstick on your lips.”



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