Kids Matter

Kids matter! Do you think your kids matter? Do you think showing them they are valuable matters? I do! I really, really do! I would like to present you with one, just one way we can show our kids they matter.

But first a little background: Too often I see parents walking at an adults pace with a small child trying to keep up. Some are holding their parent’s hand, some trying to keep up from behind…and some are running to keep up, their little legs going as fast as they can. It saddens me every time!

Geez parents pay attention to your child. Walk at their pace, next to them. Pay attention to their little legs. If you are in a hurry then pick them up and go, but please don’t drag them along (figuratively speaking).

I can remember carrying two small kids in my arms at times – my precious children who God trusted me with. We only have small children for a very short time. Let’s treat them like they matter…

Because kids matter.

5 thoughts on “Kids Matter

  1. They are definitely a gift from God and we must treat them like they do matter. My son is a miracle child and we prayed for years for this miracle and God blessed us with our son. However I must admits that I found myself making this mistake of being in a hurry and being inpatien with my son but God always corrects us and teaches us to slow down to allow us to reflect on what is truly important. I learned to see my son as a blue rose and care for him in a very gentle way. I thank God for my son every day. Thank you for this post. I truly admire you!

    1. Oh my, you just blessed my heart! You are obviously a great mom! I don’t think some parents realize how easy it would be for someone to grab their kid who is lagging behind. Blue rose…I love what you wrote. Yes, yes, yes…you will reap such blessings as he ages. The world needs more moms like you!

  2. I thought of this post as I hiked with my teenage boys to the top of Catalina Island this week. I was now the one saying, “slow down, wait for me!” Inevitably, we get slower and our kids get faster. It’s at this point one hopes they have modeled enough patience and kindness, in order that it may be returned.
    Thank you for bringing this truth to light for me.

  3. As I read your blog I remembered a song by Tanya Tucker, the song struck my heart at a very young age, and I can hear it in my head today as clearly as I did then: Daddy don’t you walk so fast, won’t you slow down some, cause your makin me run, Daddy don’t you walk so fast.
    I am a mom of grown up children, now, but when they were young I remember holding them close, nose to nose, forehead to forhead, whispering in their ear how much I loved them, singing them songs, and teaching them lessons. The other day as I was in the waiting room at the Drs, I noticed a young mom, with a stroller in front of her. A beautful little girls head peeped aroung the side and looked at me. She looked miserably bored and ready to fuss. Moms attention was glued to her cell phone. Texting, gaming I don’t know, but when the little girl started to fuss, moms reaction was to jiggle the stroller and shush the little girl. Wow, my heart hurt for this missed opportunity. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, these are the times I will remember forever, and God willing my children will too.

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