It Has to Be My Way!

Each morning, while I am at the gym, my husband makes our bed before he leaves for work. I can hear all you ladies saying, “Awwwwww.” Yes, it is totally sweet and I love him for it. It is a special gift every day.

Getting real honest though, I had to get over a hurdle to be able to receive this sweet gift. I had to get over that I like things my way sometimes—all right, maybe a bit more than sometimes. The way our bed is made just happens to be one of those my way things.

It is our bed! I like the sheets tucked in a certain way, and pulled up just so. Okay, I know, I’m picky and peculiar about this. Go ahead razz me all you want, but it’s our bed and it’s special to me.

I had to get over myself and just be thankful for his act of loving service for me. What an amazing man to do this day after day.

How about you? Do you sometimes not allow those close to you to do things because they don’t do them your way!? If not, good for you! Perhaps you’ve got something to teach the rest of us freaky, control seekers.

As I reframed the way I looked at the situation, I was able to graciously accept his expression of love. Instead of looking at the bed and thinking, “Oh no, did he tuck the sheets in the right way?” I think to myself, “My husband loves me.” I am thankful that I have one less thing to do that day. I am thankful for such a thoughtful husband.

It doesn’t always have to be my way.

2 thoughts on “It Has to Be My Way!

  1. I totally get this post Lu. I used to be that way about so many things, but with the baby around the house any help for the hubby seems heavenly. He empties the dish washer each day before going to work 🙂 It’s my motivation to never have dirty dishes in the sink overnight 🙂

    1. Your husband sounds wonderful! He most likely wants to help you because you are good to him. I’ll bet you’re a great mom and wife!

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