Holiday Bliss

Every year at the beginning of the holiday season I tell myself I am going to enjoy this year…

But somehow the season proves itself to be stressful and just beyond my enjoyment meter. It’s a beast all its own.

Why does it seem that others are able to gather up the holiday and carry it out like Martha Stewart? Why can’t I be like that?

I flat out had to admit that it is just not my favorite time of the year. Does that make me a bad person? And did I forget to mention I am a Christian? This is the time to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Does that make me a bad Christian? Ouch! I hope not.

Even my older son told me last year, “Mom, you never really were that happy around the holiday time.” He was right. I did try to hide it, but clearly I was not successful.

My daughter adds, “Mom, you seemed more stressed at Christmas.” She was putting it kindly.

Okay, that cements it…I’m a terrible person!

With each holiday season come expectations. Maybe the expectations are created in my own head, but I definitely feel expectations. I try to make everyone happy and doing so seems to elude me each year. There is never enough money. There is never enough time. There is never enough of me to go around.

I want to make everyone happy. That’s my target every year, and I fail every year.

So, this year I am going to try and make me happy. I have failed miserably at trying to please everyone—heaping stress upon stress on myself—and this year I am taking the heap off!

Is it possible in having a bit more “self care” I will be able to please one and all? Nah! But who knows, maybe my odds are better than last year.

And that my friends, is what I am shooting for. Come on Santa, bring me a better track record!

All I want for Christmas is less stress! Anyone willing to bet on me? I’m not Rachel Ray, I’m not crafty, I don’t like most Christmas music, and I am very bad at keeping picture albums…and I love my family with my whole heart.

Could it be that I have been “holiday challenged” because I forgot about taking care of me? Perhaps, as I find my own joy in the season it will spill over and some of my “holiday bliss” will rub off me and on to them. What do I have to lose? At this point I can only go up.

I may even get some Christmas stockings to hang over the fireplace for my family…ah yeah, we don’t have any. I told you I was a terrible person.

I’m not into decorating.

17 thoughts on “Holiday Bliss

  1. I LOVE your writing and your complete honesty, Lu! I agree with you; it is so overwhelming to think about putting up Christmas decorations, taking care of the family, etc. It’s so easy to burn out. Thank goodness Jesus doesn’t burn out on us! I love your photo of the tree! We have to use a fake one or else our dogs would eat a real one or pee on it! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!!

  2. I will pray that God helps you thru this time of the year again. We make it a fun time. We are alway so busy but we try to put a day or weekend to just give this time to family, make some food and just spend the day decorating the tree and remembering all the great memories we have built thru the years during Christmas. Yes give some time to yourself and then make the best of this special day where we remember the birth of our Lord and Savior… It’s time to celebrate my friend!

  3. Jesus would shake his head if he saw all the stress we’ve created around X-mas, :). One tip is to sit down with your family and discuss what you all would like the holidays to be like, and be realistic. Not even Martha Stewart does everything herself. And then you create your “perfect” holiday together and that might be a lovely picnic with grilled cheese-sandwiches and no presents. What I am trying to say, do what ever makes you happy. You’ll not break the law if you do it your way, and you’re not a terrible person, :).

  4. Great post! I love the place where you said you’d like to do something to make yourself happy, instead of trying to please everyone. That’s my goal, too, for the holidays and for every single day of my life. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Allie! I tend to be a people pleaser and usually bend toward making decisions that benefit others. I put my family at the top of my list, because truly if they are happy then I am happier! (If that makes sense?)

  5. First, love the last pic you posted. LOL.

    Second, around our home we remind each other if you love someone, you’ll take care of yourself, spiritually, physically, emotionally. If I’m not right with God, it’s hard to be right with my family.

    Lastly, if Christmas was the only day you had to love on your family, then I would be concerned about your comments. And what if it ended up being a horrible day? That could be a lot of pressure.

    BUT, I know the time you invest in your family has been deliberate. At Christmas, we are to remember Christ, but I think you do well in doing that day to day with your loved ones.

  6. Lu,

    I love how transparent you are, that’s what I love about you! Last night, our family watched Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I thought of you as the Who’s in Whoville make decorating for Christmas so easy. I wish it was that easy in real life.

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