Coming Home by Pastor Mike Williams

This week you’re in for a treat. This is another guest blog post written by my husband, Mike Williams. Mike has been the children’s pastor at Shepherd Church for over 13 years. I believe in happy home comings. Do you? Read this sincere, honest, and telling story…

Coming Home – by Pastor Mike Williams

I had a rough day. Sitting in traffic—just wanting to get home—for what seemed to be an ETERNITY left me feeling grumping. Really grumpy.  People seemed to be in a hurry to get nowhere fast. Getting cut off over and over, and watching drivers breaking the traffic laws, left me wishing I was a police officer so I could pull drivers over and award tickets.

“Did you know that was a parking lane and you are not allowed to pass the other cars?”

“You drove straight when you were in a turn lane and this citation requires you to pay a fine of $1000.00.” (I guess I want to set traffic fines too!)

Coming over the hill into my valley I feel a glimpse of hope that I will make it home. Now it’s time to set my attitude right. That last mile I ask God to reshape my heart with gentleness and kindness and let me know that I have no other choice but to be kind and gentle, so unlike the traffic I have just been in.

Lord, help me not to be less than my best to everyone at home.



I see my wife on the porch waiting for me. For some of you, your first thought was that maybe I’m late or in trouble. “Oh no, she’s waiting for me, what did I do this time?”

But, no.

For me, it’s a marker of a job well done! As I pull into the driveway my wife bounces up and down so excited I am home, and leaps with this cute little kid walk to my car and waits for me to get out. (Yes, this is for real. Just ask my neighbors.) As I stand from my car she greets me with a big hug and kiss.

“I’m so glad you’re home!”

“How was your day?”

At this point any stressors from the day are being put far behind me.

I am home.

And I love coming home.



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