5 Marks That You Are A Great Parent


If you are anything like me you wonder if you’re a good mom or a good dad. You wonder if this long marathon called parenting is heading you in a direction you desire.

While I was raising my children I often felt like I was failing. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. What if I’m doing this parenting thing all wrong?

How many mistakes am I making along the way? Now that I’m on the other side of raising kids I know I made many. Can you still be a great parent and make many mistakes? Yes!

Here are 5 marks that you’re a great parent:

  • What matters to your child matters to you. Children know you care when you take an interest in what is happening in their world. When you make the things that may seem trivial to you but are very important to them, important to you, your child will feel loved. They will feel like they matter. They will feel valued.
  • You model the character and integrity you want to see in them. The way you treat others teaches your child how to behave. Your words and your actions are a molding tool. The way you treat your spouse teaches more than any marriage seminar. How you talk about and treat your ex-spouse will teach volumes. How you navigate life will have huge implications in your child’s future.
  • You listen to your child. Sometimes as parents all we need to do is listen. And listen without judgment or dishing out consequences for what they say. Like adults, children need to be heard.
  • You’re tired. Parenting is hard work. Sometimes you’ll be just plain old tired. It comes with the job. Late nights because of illness. Lack of sleep due to hanging out with your teenager while they talk about school drama. Exhausted from being a taxi service.
  • You have time for them. It may very well be the most important mark of a great parent. While I was raising my children, I always had time for them. Now that they are adults, they have time for me. It is simple math. The time you put in will pay dividends like no other investment. Invest your time well.

It’s easy to get discouraged. But if you’re doing these 5 things you’re investing in your child’s future. Make your child a priority and you will never regret it.

How about you? Do you ever wonder if you’re on the right tract with your kids?



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