You May Be On a Wrong Road With Your Kids

What does success look like to you? I recently watched a video, which for me, depicted my picture of success. I don’t remember the details clearly so allow me to give you my version of it.

Start story:

There are four older ladies, grandmas if you will, (I’m clearing my throat because I’m a grandma now), who are sitting around a table outside in a patio area.

Grandma #1: I’m so proud of my daughter. She just made executive at her very prestigious marketing company. She’s doing so well working with [insert famous person]. (The other grandmas hum with approval.)

Grandma #2: My son is so busy. He’s doing amazing work. My son is a partner in his law firm. He won his last case, it was on the news even! (Again a universal hum ripples.)

Grandma #3: My daughter is a doctor! She’s very busy. I’m so proud of her. (Hums erupt.)

Grandma #2: What about your son?

Grandma #4: What? My son?

Grandma #1: Yes, your son. How is he doing?

Grandma #4: Oh my son, he’s coming to get me.

Grandma #3: What?

Grandma #4: He’s coming to get me today. (As she speaks we see an old beat up car pulling up behind the grandmas.)

Grandma #4: Oh, there he is.

(In the car we see a husband, wife, and two little kids in the backseat. A man gets out of the car.)

Grandma #4: (Addressing the other grandmas.) Bye. (She gets up and walks toward the car. The kids in the back excitedly waving at their grandmother.)

Son: Hi Mom, we are going to Carmel today. (He opens the backseat car door and Grandma #4 enthusiastically gets in next to her grandchildren. Grandma #1, #2, and #3 mouths wide open with envy watch as the old car drives away. Silence.)

We can work so hard striving to make our child a success, that we can actually lower their chances for true success.



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