“You and Dad are so boring!” Dear Children, if you only knew…

“You and Dad are so boring. You go to bed early, you don’t go out much—you are like two old people.”

To my children:

Oh my dear children, you have so much to learn. If you only knew the mystery behind that closed and locked door. Boring, I think not. The life we share is very exciting and electrifying.

Yes, you’ve seen the arguments, the disappointments, and the worst of us. For that I am truly sorry, but know that there is much that is not seen. Two people who are passionate and determined will have conflict—that is for certain—but at the end of sometimes rocky terrain, if you continue to climb that steep mountain the view is breathtaking; and worth the climb. That is true in life and it is true in marriage. Always remember this.

There are few greater things in this life than going to bed early. God has created marriage to be a safe haven, a piece of heaven on earth—glorious, wonderful, magnificent, brilliant—filled with love, adventure, and passion.

Another phrase we have heard even more often from all of you, our dear children is, “Get a room!” To that I say, “Yes, we have a room, thank you very much, and we will be retiring early…again! because we are boring.”

My mommy rant is almost over but this “old” mother has one last think to say: I hope, hope, hope with my whole heart and fervently pray that each one of you will be as boring as dad and I someday.

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