World War II Veteran, Hero, My “Dad”


The year was 1942.

He was 20 years old. A time for fun. A time to date girls. A time for preparing to venture out into the world and make your mark.

Instead of doing any of those things my father-in-law, Wallace I. Williams enlisted in the Air Force to defend our country in World War II. He left his unborn son behind to fight for our country, and while overseas his son was born.

He wanted to be a pilot but his asthma prevented him from that. So, Wally became a staff sergeant performing radar counter measures serving three years plus. He sat behind the pilot in the airplane with one receiver and three transmitters picking up the radar of German antiaircraft guns, and would jam their radar so the American plane could go undetected. They could then do their mission of bombing German territory without being found. Flying at 18,000 feet, often their target was ball-bearing factories to prevent the production of tanks, airplanes, cars, and mechanical equipment.

He remembers one mission where they bombed a dynamite factory where the plane literally bounced from the explosion.

When he returned home…she had found another to replace him; a high price to pay for service to our country. And the child? Well, in order to give him the best life possible he surrendered him to the boy’s mom.

williamsNow at the young age of 91 he is still going strong. He raised two amazing sons who continued on his legacy of love, bravery, and courage living their lives as men of faith and integrity, serving God faithfully. Not only is he my father-in-law but one of my best friends as well.

Freedom is free for most of us, thanks to the men and women who willingly sacrificed for the greater good of our nation, and for many they don’t even know.

Thank you, Dad! And thank you to the many who have sacrificed for all of us. Thank you for your service!

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