Words Of Advice On Marriage For A Daughter

I could hear the angst in her voice.

“Mom, we have a dilemma. We are not sure what to do.”

I listened to her talk with all the angles around a serious decision she and her husband needed to make.

I asked the question I always ask, “What does your husband think?” He, being a thoughtful, wise, and discerning man, had already come to a conclusion about their “dilemma.” She was the one with the dilemma and was asking me for my advice as she settled into their decision.

Are you wondering what I said?

I don’t beat around the bush, as you could imagine. Not when it comes to my family and people I love. The stakes are too high. I care too much not to answer honestly and with care.

This is how it went:

“Honor your husband. It sounds like he’s pretty certain about what you need to do. Have you talked it through and prayed about it?”


“So, what’s the problem then?”

“It’s just not the plan we had originally set out with.”

“Respect your husband, he loves you. So, why did he change the plan?” “He thought this plan was safer for me.” (Beautiful words for a mother’s heart. I love my son-in-law. Did I mention I love my son-in-law?)

“Ah, I see. Trust your husband. He’s looking out for you.”

“Yes, true. This is a good idea, huh?”

“Yes. Trust your husband, he wants what’s best for you. You can trust him. God will honor that.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

With that we were done talking. She was happy.

She didn’t say,




she trusted.

Maybe you need to hear this today:

Are you a parent with married children? Do they call for advice? Do you “side” with your child? Or, offer words that will strengthen their marriage?

Maybe I need to hear this today:

Are you a wife? Do you trust God by trusting your husband?

Maybe we need to tell someone this today:

Are you a husband? Do you love your wife in a sacrificial way? Do you love her by putting her before yourself?

When we say “I do” we are committing to our beloved. We say we will love them above all others. If we do this we will have a great marriage. If both husband and wife do this, they will have a marriage that’s just short of heaven.

Love. Love all out today. Love with a love that says I will put you before me.

Until next time, love with a sacrificial love.



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