Why I Love My Husband – A Love Letter

I am honored and excited to be part of the Happy Wives Club Blog Tour. Fawn Weaver’s new book is a wonderful way to start off the New Year with all the secrets to a happy marriage.i love you

When I saw that one of the suggested titles was to write a blog post on “Why I Love My Husband,” I had to choose it.

I love my husband for so many reasons, and as I thought about what to write I remembered an old love letter I wrote him over 10 years ago. I never intended to publish due to its vulnerable nature, but I’ve decided this is the perfect post for the Happy Wives Club Blog Tour. It is very personal and private, but I’ve decided to pull it out and be ultra transparent for this tour.

There are many happy wives around the world and I am one of them. This is my love letter:


Before I met you I felt like a little girl who had been put out on the streets with no shoes on. Sometimes the ground would be really hot or really wet and cold. Many times I would get blisters on my feet and formed many calluses. Often I would have to climb mountains with many sharp edges or would walk over glass by accident, and my feet would get cut and bleed.

From time to time a person would come along and give me a bandage to put on my cut feet. It would feel better… for a little while.

Then I met you. You not only gave me bandages but you put the bandages on my feet. You stayed with me while the wounds healed. And if that wasn’t enough you did something that I could hardly believe. You gave me shoes to wear. Shoes that felt so good. Shoes that I was proud to wear.

More often than I would like, the people who put me out on the streets with no shoes come by and try to take my shoes away. I fight hard to keep them, and sometimes I am able to hang on to my beloved shoes, but sometimes—even though I fight with all my might—they are able to take my shoes away.

This leaves me barefooted again. My feet start to get cut up again.

I wait for you to come and bandage my feet and give me another pair of shoes. Promising myself that this time I will fight even harder to make sure that they don’t take the next pair of shoes away from me.

I appreciate that you do this for me. Over. And over.

I love you,



10 thoughts on “Why I Love My Husband – A Love Letter

  1. This letter you have written for your hubby was so beautiful.

    The words are touching and clearly reflect these deep feelings you have towards him… Very nice!!!

    Cheers; Aquileana 🙂

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