When Your Pants Don’t Fit


I didn’t want to write this. I didn’t want to acknowledge this. I didn’t want to bring attention to this. But when I started blogging I promised myself, and you, that I would be honest, truthful, and open. Painfully open.

This post is painful.

I’ve written about staying at your goal weight. I’ve shared my workout programs and achieving my fitness goals. I’ve talked about hubby buying me new clothes and “fitting into that dress.”

And now I have to tell you I can’t fit in my pants. There I said it! I gained weight. The kind that no amount of Spanx can cover. No woman wants to admit that. It feels like it came on overnight. I don’t know how it happened. I was working out and being oh-so-careful. I even skip dessert at my ladies Bible study on Monday nights!

The truth is I started making small changes that amounted to big pounds…one at a time…until…how did this happen?…my pants don’t fit.

This is how it happened: 

  • I’d order the side of pancakes, I mean, I worked out! one order of pancakes won’t hurt me, especially if I don’t eat them all, right?
  • I’d eat the afternoon treat, it’s dark chocolate plus I worked out today! a little dark chocolate treat won’t make me fat, right?
  • I’d take Sunday afternoon to relax and enjoy, way too many “enjoys,” it’s one day and I DESERVE IT, I worked hard at church this weekend, and I worked out all week! it won’t hurt me, right?


Tell that to my jeans! And my oversized thighs. I’ll stop there.

As you can see, I have caused a problem for myself. When you gain weight you don’t want to go out. You don’t want people to notice you’ve “put on a few.” You do your best to “hide” the little extra around the middle. And I must say I think I’m pretty good at doing that. Don’t we all? But the truth is NO ONE CARES! No one cares as much as you do about how many pounds you added to your frame. Most people won’t even notice.

But you noticed. I noticed. And I don’t like it! And I am doing something about it.

I felt stuck but I am unsticking myself. I am making changes that will amount to big “losses” in my future.

NO more excuses. NO more I deserve it! NO more hiding.

Instead of wallowing in my own disgust feeling hopeless, I’m telling myself this is temporary, and I have the power to make it change. I refuse to stay here and I am giving my pounds back!

Anyone with me?

Are you at a place where you know you need to make changes and need to take that first step? Do it! Take the step! Make the decision to change your life! Find a diet that you KNOW works and then stick with it. It really can be that simple.

I am taking the step!

I’m on a diet. No, I am not calling it a “lifestyle change.” I’m on a diet. Period. And I will be on this diet until I reach my goal. Period. I don’t care what birthday’s or celebrations hit I’m on a diet. End of story.

So, please don’t ask me to lunch or offer me dessert. Please don’t say things like, “This little bit won’t hurt” or “You’re so disciplined” or “But this is okay to eat, this is healthy,” or “Try my new fudge-brownie-googie-to-die-for-party-in-your-mouth-s’mores-delight” or “You don’t need to lose any weight.”

If you see me just say, “Good for you! Stick with it!”

Yes, that would do very nicely, thank you.

After I reach my goal you can celebrate with me and take me for lunch, and I may even eat that custard-cream-filled-donut I am already dreaming about. But until then, I’m going to stay focused.

Again, I ask you, “Are you with me?” It is time to make a change? Do it!

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  1. You did! You DID skip dessert on Monday nights. But I didn’t … so I’m with you. When we can fit into our pants again we will go out to lunch and celebrate being grandmothers!

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