What’s In a Name?

While walking into the gym one morning with my husband, the girl behind the counter greeted me by name. As we walked away from the counter Mike teasingly said, “She knows your name, huh? Aren’t you special?”

Honest truth: I did feel special.

My gym had a contest and they asked us to vote for the friendliest clerk.

More honest truth: At the time none of them were overly friendly.

However, there was one gal that blew away her competitors by a landslide. She was ahead of the pack and competing for the prize of a $50 gift certificate. And who, you wonder? You guessed it, the girl who knew everyone’s name.

And if you are wondering if I voted, I did. I voted for her too.

Never underestimate the power of a name.

7 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Best one, though, is the power of His name! Thanks for always blessing us with your wisdom.

    1. Mary…yes, I agree with you! I was hoping people would think about that! Thank you for reading! I love your comment!

      1. Thinking some more…yes, you definitely are special. Thankfully with God, everyone is special. He not only knows our name, but also knows exactly how many hairs we have on our head. Thanks for food for thought!

  2. P.S. After washing my cat this morning (with all her fur), knowing how many hairs on anyone would be crazy amazing. God is awesome!

  3. I love this Lu!! I posted it in my break room and hope people will read it and practice this. I am 46 years old and my mom is here from Mexico visiting, year after year she constantly from sun up to sun down tells me how overweight I am exhausted now. My mom leaves back to Mexico after two months in September. I pray she someday realizes how beautiful I am despite my menopausal 20 pound weight gain. I know she loves me so much and just can’t control herself. I have children that are awesome and try to tell them how awesome they are often, maybe not enough. They are grown and hope I did a good job of encouraging them and building them up. Thanks for this!

    1. Sandy…I am honored you posted it in your break room! And yes, I figured that you meant to post this on the current post, haha! You are such a natural encourager, I am sure you were and are with your kids too!

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