What Hollywood Got Right With “Noah”

hollywoodI was really excited to see a movie in which I had read the story countless times. Added bonus, I knew the ending.

As I watched the movie Noah I started to question if I indeed knew the ending. Yes, the movie was definitely “Hollywoodized.” But isn’t that why we go to the movies? And isn’t that why millions return over and over?

Before you bash Hollywood for doing what they do, may I remind you that it is your ticket purchases and my ticket purchases that bring in the revenue to enable them to continue on making movies year after year? If we stopped going to the movies and read a book for instance (remember those?) the movie industry would come to a halt.

I don’t know about you, but I love going to the movies. I love being taken somewhere else for a few hours! I love the smell of popcorn. I love to hear a laughing audience. Even better, I love to laugh myself.

Yes, I love going to the movies, but what I would like to focus on are three points that Hollywood got right with the movie Noah. Yes, even Hollywood can glorify God.

  1. God is powerful (Matthew 6:13). God can do whatever He wants. We are not the Creator. He is. And it is our job to worship Him, not question Him. The movie Noah did exemplify God’s mighty and wondrous power.
  2. God extends mercy and grace (James 5:11). God’s love, mercy, and grace cover us completely, all the time, and it never ends. It covers anything you’ve ever done or will do. I love walking in grace and freedom even more than I love going to the movies.
  3. God is just (1 Peter 3:18). Make no mistake about it, God is NOT mocked (Galatians 6:7). He loves us and wants us to love Him, but if we choose to bypass His love, He will be just.

Was the movie Noah “Hollywoodized?” Of course it was! However, I am thankful that someone had the guts to use the Bible to entertain people and magnify God. If the scenes in the movie depicting how powerful God is, don’t point you to the God of the Bible, I don’t know what will.

God is powerful and He does extend his grace, love, and mercy. One day we will all stand before Him. I am ready! Are you?



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