We Don’t Do It Like That Here

I love visiting churches. Don’t you? While I was in Missouri I got the opportunity to visit a church. Not just any church, the church my son attends while he’s at college. I loved the church. I loved being with fellow Christ followers and receiving great Bible teaching. And yet, as you know, if you’ve tracked with me for any length of time there are always stories and antics involved with my new adventures.

What I am about to tell you is one of my favorites.

We arrived early to the church service. Early imagine that! My son directed me to the back stadium seats. It was the nosebleed section of the church.

“This is where you want to sit?”

“Yes.” He was quite certain. He added that he liked to see everything. Well, okay, we’ll sit where he wants. I plan to return for more visits and the last thing I want is to be labeled “disagreeable.”

The music started and we were up and praising. I loved it and started “moving” as I usually do. My husband has a running joke that he’s going to lose an eye one day. She sighs a sarcastic Ha! Ha! It’s hard for me to stay still in general, and during praising and singing it’s nearly impossible.

During my rocking out with Jesus my son whispers, “We don’t move like that here.”

What? No rocking out for Jesus?

“Oh, okay.”

I did my best to bring it down. Which lasted all of maybe two minutes. Sorry son, the Spirit moves me.

As she types the Pointer Sisters plays in her head, “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…”

Song Interlude over.

Back to Sunday morning church service…

The strangest thing happened during the sermon. Get this! A gentleman who looked like a thin blonde-haired Santa in a tan business suit walked around and greeted people. During the sermon y’all! No joke! Not just a few people, every single person seated in the nosebleed sections. He walked the aisles and rows shaking hands as his long blonde hair flowed. I’ve never seen anything like it in church before. Ever. And I’ve been to many church services. I whispered to my son, “Look, Jesus is here this morning.” I couldn’t believe he was roaming and greeting while the preacher was preaching! I wanted to stand and say, “Is anybody catching this? Is this okay here? What’s the deal with this guy? Security!”

At the close of the sermon—which was superb, I might add—there was more praise and music worship. I didn’t even try to hold back. I decided a church that tolerated a longhaired blonde Santa shaking hands while the preacher was preaching could certainly tolerate a woman who “moves” while praising. And I did. And you want to know what? My son was now “moving” as well…ha!

Have you ever been told We don’t do it like that here?

Do you ever dare to be different?

Do you see yourself as normal?

Do you try to be “normal”?

I used to try to be normal and then I decided to just be me.

How about in your marriage? Do you find yourself thinking or acting or behaving differently than your spouse? Does it spice up your relationship or hinder it? I think being different is a good thing—it’s what adds zing to a relationship if you allow it to.

Normal is overrated, dare to be different. Add zing to your life. Add zing to your marriage. Love God with all you’ve got.

And today, go do something crazy amazing.

2 thoughts on “We Don’t Do It Like That Here

  1. Awesome article Lu. I recently visited a church and “they didn’t do it like that there either” My hubby and I were the only people with our hands up and clapping, besides the Lead choir people. It was a bit awkward because the church we attend is a hand clapping Jesus praising church. To make this story a bit shorter, we continued being us and people started catching on and praising and not being so reserved. I’ll bet if it’s their favorite football team they would probably be out of the park yelling. LOL

    1. HI Camilla! Yes, I love it! I’m so glad you liked the article, means a lot coming from you. I love that others caught on and joined you and your hubby! Blessings to you!

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