Do you know any Vegetarians? Perhaps you live with one and they drive you crazy. I once said, “If you don’t eat meat there is something wrong with you.” And then I became a Vegetarian! Let the record show I do not believe that any more.

Last night hubby and I went out for a date night. After arriving home I was raving about my delicious dinner to my son.

“I got this baked brie. It tasted so good. It was like the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had!”

“Mom, if a grilled cheese sandwich is a delicacy to you there is something wrong.”

It made me laugh.

Many people view Vegetarians as strange and difficult. You may think all we eat is salad. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I love food! I love what I eat!

I get asked often why I became a Vegetarian.

Here are 5 great reasons:

  1. I had high cholesterol. The doctor wanted to put me on medication but instead I changed my diet and became a Vegetarian.
  2. I feel better. Totally better.
  3. I like to eat a lot. Eating many vegetables will not put weight on you.
  4. Food tastes better since I made the switch.
  5. Just the smell of meat makes me want to hurl now. Do I need another reason?

At this point you may think this blog is about my trying to convince you to become a Vegetarian. It’s not. The point I want to make is tolerance. Vegetarians get made fun of a lot.

I overheard a lady complaining about what to feed a family member who was coming over. She was upset because they were a “Vegetarian.”

If this is your dilemma  let me help you. We eat fruit, pasta, potatoes, rice, beans, hummus, eggs, cheese, etc., in addition to vegetables. We are not as picky as you might think.

And now landing on the purpose of this post.

Let’s be tolerant and kind to one another. Yes, we Vegetarians can seem a bit strange and foreign. Please be understanding about our weirdness. And if you are a Vegetarian, please don’t condemn those who eat meat.

Be considerate. Be respectful of others. Be nice to those who are different. Be tolerant.

How about you? Have you been judged for being different? 


  1. My daughter became a vegetarian about a year ago. This was extremely, hard on my husband, since he sells gourmet beef jerky! However, our daughter had many stomach problems. When she was a child, she would eat everything on her plate but the meat. I would often make her eat it. When she was 14, I allowed her to give up meat as long as she would eat healthy. Now our whole family eats vegetarian meals at least twice a week and we all feel healthier. I’m often defending my daughter for her choice of not eating meat. Many people will argue that she is a growing teenager and needs protein. Yes, it’s been a challenge, to change how we view meals. Meat was and often still is the star of the evening meal but I’m learning that there are several foods that have protein in them and it’s about having a healthy balance.

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