Time Flies

I was thinking about the expression “Time Flies.” I tried to come up with as many examples of when time does not fly. Here are a few…

Time does not fly…

~when you are in pain

~when you feel depressed

~waiting for a loved one to come home who is late

~when you are in prison (literally or figuratively)

~when you hate your job

~waiting for the cable guy and you are missing your favorite show

~when you are stuck in an avalanche

~when you are in the hospital

~when you are sitting at the bus stop and every bus that goes by says “Out of Order” or “Full”

~when you are hungry and waiting for your food

~when you are floating on a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

~when you are pinned under a Sumo Wrestler

Can you think of any more?

The next time you say, “Time sure flies,” stop and think about how fortunate you are.
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