Thin Feels Better Than Food Tastes

Thin feels better than food tastes. We’ve all heard this. I think it is true. I know it is true in my life. I hate it when I allow myself to put on a “few” extra pounds. You know, the ones that make your jeans feel like torture at the end of the day.  Anybody?

And for those of you who can’t relate to this at all, I’m jealous—I am flat out jealous.

The extra weight makes me feel sluggish, defeated, and less amorous. It takes a bit more convincing before I want to “get close.” I suffer. Everyone around me suffers. I tell myself that it doesn’t matter, and I can kid myself for awhile, but at the end of the day, bluntly, it matters, and I have to do something about it.

I tell myself, “thin feels better than food tastes” and I know it’s time to get my donuts under control. (Actually, I don’t eat donuts, but you get my drift.)

If this is true then: Why is it so darn hard to be thin?

First, if it was easy, then everyone would be slim and trim. It takes work! More work than I am willing to give at times. Amen? Anyone? But really it is about taking care of me, putting myself on the backburner is dreadfully easy to do when you’re a mom. Someone always needs something when you’re a mom. Pushing yourself aside is an easy thing to do when you’re a mom.

Consider this: maybe…possibly…probably…positively…taking care of yourself is taking care of your family. If you are not physically healthy you will not be up for the challenges and twists and turns that life brings at you like an avalanche, an avalanche that does not discriminate and is relentless.

If we are going to be “all in” this temporary residence called life, we need to be on top of our game, and do what we need to for good health. Really it is not about being thin, it is about being healthy. It is about making healthy choices so we feel good and in turn, we will look good.

When I made the most progress in this area, I tossed the scale and focused on being healthy and making healthy choices…but truthfully it is an ongoing battle, one that I will keep fighting. Because I’m worth it, and so are you.

So, if you can relate to this, don’t give up, fight for your health, don’t succumb to fast food, processed foods, and fructose corn syrup. One thing almost all the experts agree on is to increase veggies and fruits: It is one way to take a first step in fighting the flab fight. Put a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen counter and always have veggies in the refrigerator ready to grab in a hurry.

And if you really want to fight, put some time aside and watch Forks Over Knives, it will definitely make you think.

3 thoughts on “Thin Feels Better Than Food Tastes

  1. Love this I type here I’m actually on my stationary bike getting my daily 5 mile. We all go thru this hard time of allowing ourselves to be comfortable, eat whatever we want, and enjoy life…yeah right. My husband and I have gone thru many different diets, cleansing lemonade, half a peanut butter a day, and my old one starvation. Eve though we accomplished the weight lost, we felt sick, no energy, etc. I am 42 and 5 months ago I hit ny highest weight and my blood work was not the greatest. Doc said if you don’t do something about you will be more promp to get cancer, stroke, heart attack.. You know what I mean. We finally found something that has helped us live a healthier life… You probably see it on my post.. Juicing ! We have been juicing for three months non stop.. Lots of veggies and a bit of fruit, that is our daily vitamin and dose of energy. We feel great, lost weight and now we have managed to eat healthier. As I did this it reminded me of how God wanted us to take care of our body, this is it, we have only ONE body and we must take care of it. He provides us with fruit and veggies to feed ourselves and yet we put so much junk. This has made our marriage life better, better attitude, more energy and better s….you get my drift LOL. So let’s not diet people… Make it a lifestyle change.

    1. Grace…love, love, love it!!!! I am a vegan so fruits and veggies are a big portion of my menu. I think I need to look into getting a juicer though! Thank you, loved your comment! And good for you for taking control of your health!

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