The One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

I am totally honored that my blog has been nominated by Allie at Experiencing Life for the One Lovely Blog Award! Allie, thank you. I am beyond thrilled!

These are the rules below, explained by Experiencing Life, for the nominees to follow:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post.
  3. Share 7 things about yourself.
  4. Pass the award on to 15 nominees.
  5. Include this set of rules.
  6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

Seven Things about Me:

  1. I am crazy about my family. You say, Isn’t everyone? Yes, but I am a bit over crazy. I once   repeatedly drove by a Starbucks to check on my daughter who was on a first date. Okay, do you believe me now?  Her date noticed me and she ran out to yell at me. I told her I needed coffee and she said, “Then go through the drive-thru!” In my defense it was on the way back from my gym and on my first “drive by” I saw a girl that looked like my daughter sitting alone and thought she had been stood up. Okay, I take it back, there really is no defense for that. But the fact that I never did it again should count for something!
  2. I am a pastor’s wife. And after reading number  one on this list you can see how I really don’t fit the typical stereotype  of a pastor’s wife. However, it is a title I wear with honor and I work very hard to stay out of trouble and not cause my husband grief.
  3. I love God with my whole heart. I became a  Christian in 1986, surrendered my life to Jesus Christ, have never regretted it, and have never been the same.
  4. I have a big heart. As a child my dad used to  say to me, “Lucille, you can’t save the world!” As an adult I realize that his statement is true, but I can offer what I can to each person God puts in my path, trying to make the world a little brighter.
  5. I see humor in almost all situations. Yes, this can be awkward at times, but it also makes life fun. My kids survived a mom who laughed at mistakes and falling down, but they also learned to      laugh at themselves.
  6. I love food. My friend calls me a foodie.
  7. I am a vegetarian. Weird, huh? Considering number six.

The Nominees:
















As suggested by Experiencing Life, one can also branch out a little and nominate a couple of non-wordpress sites if they consider them to be great blogs.

Enjoy the above nominated blogs and… happy blogging!

9 thoughts on “The One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

  1. Thanks for the nomination and congrats to you! I had to laugh at number one. My kids haven’t started dating yet but I can see myself doing that. Oh how we worry about them, right?

    1. More than happy to nominate you! Love your blog! Dating, yes, it gets very interesting at my house! Sadly, I have many more stories…

  2. Aww… what a sweet post! Your “seven things about me” is so great! I love the fact that you’re a vegetarian who loves food. We have a lot in common. I am thankful that we’ve met in cyberspace. Bless you!

    1. You are very welcome! I love being a vegetarian. The more I hear about the health benefits and the more I eat like this, the more I love it. Thanks for the comment! So basically, I became a vegetarian for health reasons.

  3. Congratulation! And a very big thank you for nominating my blog, I feel very humble for the attention and also very happy, :). I also would like to apologize for my late thank you. I am currently living in Suva, Fiji and the Internet connection is good in Suva but not in the country side, and I do a bit of traveling. Wishing you a lovely day! 🙂 //Marianne

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