Stop Being Married and Start Dating


“I want to make an appointment with you,” he said. After 32 years of marriage what could possibly be so important that he scheduled an appointment with me? Being a “good” wife I played along. “Okay, whatever you want.”

It was a long meeting. I didn’t say much. He was on his iPad most of the time while I sipped coffee wanting the “meeting” to be over.

calendarAnd what was he so engrossed with? He was working through his calendar, scheduling dates. Dates with me. He wanted to bring back date nights, like when our kids were little.

As the kids got older it became much easier to spend time together without going through the formal process of scheduling babysitters and restaurant reservations.

Oh we always made time for one another. Each one of his days off we spent together. We did go out to dinner or lunch alone weekly. We always start Sunday mornings with a Starbucks date. Doesn’t that count as dates? But suddenly, he wanted scheduled date nights that were on the calendar…until the end of the year.

It was okay with me, but truthfully I wondered if they would actually happen with his very busy and changing schedule. I decided not to get over enthusiastic about the proposed “dates.”

And then it happened. Our date night arrived and he picked a restaurant and we headed out. While driving to our destination I was flooded with first-date feelings. Suddenly, I felt like I was 20 again.

He chose a very romantic restaurant. We started with appetizers, then salad. I only ate a few bites of my main course. Ending dinner by sharing a chocolate soufflé. Sitting close and stealing kisses, it was a perfect evening.

After dinner we decided to park. Yes, park! Like when we were in high school. Arriving home reminded me of sneaking in after curfew hoping your parents were asleep. “Did you have fun?” our daughter asked. “Yes, we had a great time.”

After 32 years of marriage I’m dating again. AND I LOVE IT. Who needs marriage when you can date? Stop being married and date again.

And the best part about dating your spouse is the sleepover party, night after night.

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