Saying Goodbye

I hate goodbyes. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them. Saying bon voyage is painful. I’m sitting in an airport in Texas waiting for my flight home. I just said goodbye to my 3-month-old grandson. Do you wanna talk about painful? I didn’t want to let him go. Ever. And I had to say goodbye to my son and daughter-in-law…again! I didn’t cry…this time. Usually, I lose control and make a big spectacle of myself with crocodile tears and gushes of emotion. Maybe deep down I thought that if I made a big enough fuss—somehow things would change—and I wouldn’t have to say goodbye. But that never happened. And now, I’m settled on accepting the things I cannot change. OH MY GOSH! There is this guy directly across from me on the workstation talking loudly on his phone. I want to stuff a sock in his mouth!

Now where was I? Oh yeah, accepting the things I cannot change. Like this guy across from me.

I think maybe I didn’t cry because I was too thankful to cry. Instead of crying and hoopla, my heart was filled with thankfulness. I got to spend a week with my grandson! Are you kidding me right now?! He’s is so close I could literally sock him in the mouth! My goodness, people are working here! Take your call someplace else! I’m writing about my grandson for goodness sake.

Back to being thankful and accepting things I cannot change. I got to see my daughter-in-law loving him all out and being an A+ MOM. I got to see my son changing, bathing, and caring for his son. Wasn’t it yesterday I was doing those things for you, son? Why, why, why, why did you land next to me?! Geez, Mister I feel bad for your wife. Oh… I see no wedding ring. No wonder! You’re so rude!

Watching my son step in and parent along with his wife, not leaving everything up to her was a blessing beyond blessings. And watching them loving each other all out was another blessing beyond blessings. The lady next to the loud guy just gave him a dirty look, hahaha! She thinks he’s rude too!

I think… Oh man, the airlines just made an announcement they are missing two flight attendants, we can’t board until they show up. What is it with all the rude people in DFW today?

I think… I am happy today because I am focusing on coming back for my next trip and the fantastic week I had. And enjoying the blessing of a grandson, daughter-in-law, and son who welcome my visits. I even got to play catch with my son. Yes, this grandma can throw a softball! My plan is to throw a ball with my grandchildren. Good the guy left! Goodbye to you, rude guy! That was a happy goodbye, See? I’m getting good at this.

Here’s my message today:

When we focus on our blessings, and love all out, God will bless you beyond what you can imagine. I’m not sad today, because I’m focusing on the love I have for my family. I’m focusing on the love my kids have for their spouses. I’m focusing on the blessing of grandchildren I get to love. Did I mention my daughter and son-in-law are expecting? I can travel home today with joy because my children are living out the focus and principals my husband and I passed on to them. I’m not focusing on regrets today. I’m focusing on love and God’s blessings.

How about you?

Where are you in accepting the things you cannot change? Obviously, I’m still a work in progress!

My “Why, why, why, did you land next to me?” turned into “Yay! Yes, yes, yes, me!” when the couple on the plane seated to my right were the most adorable, lovable duo on their way for a cruise vacation. They made it one of the best flights I’ve ever experienced. Now, that was easy to accept.

Yes, saying goodbye is painful, but not as painful as not having others to love.

Today, I leave you with my last words to my Texas family:

Love each other.

Love each other all out.



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