Same-Sex Prom Dates

photoLove the sinner, but hate the sin. What does that mean? We hear Christians say that often. I know I have. Unfortunately, saying it doesn’t make up for not showing it. Too often we camp out on “hate the sin.”

When our children do something wrong we focus on the offense, the “crime.” What if instead we focused on how much we love them and are proud of them? Even when we are grieved by their decision? How would that effect their next decision?

My son recently went to his senior prom. The parents and kids all congregated at an outside venue for pictures. I was so proud of him in his tuxedo. But not any less proud as when he was in his jeans.

As the parents were taking pictures, a couple walked up. This couple was different. They were a same-sex couple. Prom dates. As they approached, the silence from the other parents was deafening.

It was obvious this couple felt awkward and out of place, unsure of how they would be received. There were no parents there for them. Not one. As all the other teenagers were posing for their proud parents, this uncomfortable pair had no parent to dote over them.

When they got to the group I instantly and instinctively went right over to them with compliments on their appearances. I could feel how out of place they felt. I asked if they wanted me to take pictures. They were happy to hand over their phone for me to do so.

I then doted on them with numerous pictures and poses, more so than my own son and his date. (Before you think that’s odd, just remember that my 18-year-old son doesn’t think his mom is cool. I’ve been asked to keep the doting of him to a minimum!) I pretended they were my own children for just a little while. I don’t know if the other parents were watching me. Judging me. I don’t know and I didn’t care.

I called my son over and said, “Take some pictures with your friends.” He happily joined in and I used my camera this time.

The next time you say “love the sinner, hate the sin,” ask yourself how you are loving the sinner. It is easy to hate the sin. Hate comes easy. Love needs to be demonstrated. Love is an action word.

Put love into action. Love. Love the sinner. Period. Love the sinner.

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