Pitching-a-Fit On the Way to Church

It was Sunday morning, the Lord’s Day. I walked through the preschool ministry area of our church and noticed a toddler throwing a fit.

He was kicking and struggling with his mom, who was holding him tight in her arms, trying not to drop him. It was a mom verses child tug-of-war. He was pushing to get away from her. She was holding on as tightly as she could.

toddlerAt first glance I thought he was resisting going into the nursery, but then as I looked closer I realized he was pitching-a-fit to get in! As mom was filling out the necessary security measures and the child was being tagged, he was extremely impatient to go into his children’s class. He couldn’t wait to get into church.

At this point I must stop and give kudos to our nursery director, Ashley Clark, for doing such a superb job!

This child was so excited to go into his class that he couldn’t get away from his mom fast enough. Have you ever been that enthusiastic about going to church? Have you ever been that excited to go anywhere? So excited that you were pitching-a-fit, kicking and struggling to get in?

If we completely grasped how much God loves us we would be pitching-a-fit to get into church every week.

We wouldn’t miss weeks for sporting events or kids’ soccer games. We wouldn’t casually walk in late. We wouldn’t cut out early to avoid the traffic. We wouldn’t drag our kids into the adult service and give them a video game, because we were running behind and didn’t want to check them into their class.

We would soak up God’s love. We would soak up God’s forgiveness. We would soak up God’s mercy and grace. We would walk in freedom. We would love others the way God loves us.

Pitch-a-fit for God.

Pitch-a-fit to get into the worship service.

Let’s pitch-a-fit to worship God with all our heart, mind, and strength.



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