Parenting Lessons From the Yogurt Bar


This little girl licked, put the ENTIRE serving spoon for the sprinkles in her mouth, and then put the spoon back in the sprinkles! Her mother was standing right there. I couldn’t stop laughing. One trip to the Yogurt Bar with my husband turned into great fun.

Your neighborhood Yogurt Bar is filled with a plethora of negligent parenting.

Allow me to guide you through our 30-minute excursion of free-for-all-parenting.

When we arrived we were the only ones sampling yogurt in an attempt to find “the best one.” Don’t we all do that? Taste test until we find the one we want.

Then a lady arrived with her son. She completely cut us off and pushed her way in ignoring that they were not the only ones “sampling.” My husband and I just backed up and waited for them to finish. Rude!

Lesson One:

Teaching your child to be respectful of other people around them is way more important than being first. My kids were taught to look out for others and show respect. In a situation such as this, I would have instructed my children to wait their turn and to look out for others. Today my children are all very thoughtful adults. My sons open doors for others, especially ladies. And I’ve often witnessed my married son open the car door for his beautiful wife. It puts a smile on my face every time.

Moms, teach your boys to be GENTLEMEN! Please!

When my youngest son was about 7 years old he thought it was funny to go through a door first, and then let it hit me after he went through. Very funny. (That was sarcasm.) I would make him walk back to the door, open it for me, and allow me to walk through as he held it. Even then he would sometimes shut the door on me. So funny. (Again, sarcasm.) We stayed at that door, and I made him open it and hold it until he got it right. No matter how many “tries” and no matter how long it took. I may have walked away a bit bruised, but I never let up on teaching the principle of being a gentleman. Eventually, he held doors for me.

When he was in high school I often saw him open and hold doors for other classmates.

Let’s be diligent about teaching our kids respect.

Back to my yogurt story…

We sat down to enjoy our yogurt and watch the other patrons. Very fun. (Not sarcasm.)

A man arrived with his little boy. The kid was wandering around and stuck his WHOLE hand in the Oreo cookie topping. His WHOLE hand! Dad pulled his hand out and went on his way. Dad didn’t even tell the yogurt staff.

Lesson Two:

Parents, you are responsible for your children. Ignoring what your child does, does not make it go away. You can stick your head in the sand, but when you fail to address teachable moments you are being a negligent parent.

Suddenly, the yogurt bar was packed with kids. Running, tasting, touching, licking, dropping spoons. This is when I saw that little girl lick the spoon, and then put it in her mouth! I was cracking up!

Lesson Three:

Even right under your nose, your child can cause mayhem. This mom put the spoon back in the multicolored sprinkles, and I’m not even sure she knew the kid had it in her mouth! If you have kids, please stay alert and present.

Final Lesson:

Think twice before you consume a help-yourself-topping. At a yogurt bar. With gummy worms at the reach of little hands. And tongues.

Side Bonus Lesson:

Ladies, if you are putting carmel syrup, snow caps, brownie bites, and M & M’s on your yogurt, it is no longer a low calorie treat.

Have you ever felt sick after a trip to the Yogurt Bar? Well, now you know why. Never eat anything that little hands and lips can reach!

Until next time, be healthy, live well, laugh, love, and show grace.



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