My P90X Experience

I did NOT want to do it! In the beginning I felt like a kid being dragged out of bed in the morning not wanting to go to school. Okay, I need to come clean, not just in the beginning, pretty much through the whole 90 days. Only it was the garage. Yes, our garage, my husband turned it into a gym. Only for me, in my head I called it the torture chamber.

Each morning I dragged myself out of bed, put on my sunglasses, and begrudgingly headed for the garage. Why did I put on my sunglasses you ask? Because I can’t see the TV without my glasses and my regular glasses get too sweaty and won’t stay on, so I put on my sunglasses when I workout.

When I started the program I was under my goal weight. So, why in the world would I do P90X? Because I love my husband and my daughter. That’s the simple truth, to some it may sound lame, but that’s my answer. They wanted to do it, and I decided if I joined them the percentage for potential success would increase substantially.

I am a vegetarian and am a bit crazy, maybe a bit more than crazy about diet, health and weight management. My weight was something I struggled with for most of my life and once I reached my goal weight I was resolute to stay there. What I was doing seemed to be working and I was apprehensive to change anything. Nonetheless, I jumped on board with my husband and daughter pledging to 90 days. We all committed to stay the course and stick with it no matter what.

After the first day, I was ready to quit! Why? Because the number on the scale went up, that’s why! A week into the program I wanted to quit even more! Why? Because the scale went up even higher!

I contacted my coach, Annett Davis, to get some answers. She ordered me to stay off the scale. My reply was basically, “Sure, no problem, I’m just sitting here getting fatter!”

Did I listen to her? NO. Stay off the scale? Are you kidding me? What if I gain 20 pounds? That would be a catastrophe! I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t, I had vowed to complete the 90 days and I was going to see it through.

I began to cut back on the amount of food I was eating to try and lower the number on the scale. But it didn’t seem to make a difference; all it did was make me hungrier. I had my husband take my measurements and they didn’t go up even though the scale had. And my body fat index went down. Whatever, I went back to eating more.

After about week six, I noticed that all of my clothes still fit. Hmmm, the scale is up but all of my clothes still fit. At about week eight, I noticed that my clothes fit better. Whoa! And I felt better. That was when I ditched the scale. Goodbye old friend!

And now here I am at the close of 90 days. Full discloser: I did have a rotten attitude many mornings as I got up way too early to workout but I stuck with it and so did they! I am extremely happy that I did. I feel and look

My husband told me that before P90X I was too thin. Gross even. Yes, we are very honest with each other. He said I was thin but still flabby. Yikes! Thanks Inspector Clueso! But now, well, he loves what the 90 days have done.

He also said, “Honey, the kids and I were getting  very worried about you. You were skin and bones. People were asking us if you were sick. I was thrilled when you agreed to do the P90X program.” Can anyone say “intervention?”

So, at the end of all the workouts, P90X was my intervention. I feel better, I look better, and I eat way more. And the best part, I went down two inches in my hips! Can I get an amen?!

And if you’re wondering what we are doing next, we have all committed to another 90 days. Maybe this time around I’ll leave the bad attitude behind.


4 thoughts on “My P90X Experience

  1. You can do it! You just go at your own pace and do as much as you can. The more you do the more you want to do. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. I LOVE this post! Lu… you did great. Glad you finally left the scale alone. My sister always says, “It’s not always the tale of the scale that tells the tale of the tail.” Or something like that. Or the “Tale of the tail that tells the tale of the scale? LOL. In your case that’s sort of true.. Sure your tail got smaller. But, the tale of the scale wasn’t your story. People worry too much about what those numbers say. When in fact, sometimes our bodies ideal body weight is more or less than what we think it should be. How you feel, how your clothes fit, how things stop jiggling.. those factors speak volumes louder and more clear to me than the digits on a scale. So, even though you gained weight, you gained a lot more. MUSCLE BABY!! 🙂 Congrats, because that’s important. 🙂 Good luck on round two. As always let me know if you need anything. Tell your friends too if they want accountability and someone to help them finish (or get started) that’s my job. I’d be happy to help them. 🙂

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