Mother’s Day…What’s it all about?

boquet of flowersDid you know that Anna Jarvis, the woman who campaigned for a Mother’s Day, got arrested during a Mother’s Day Festival trying to stop the sale of flowers? She was quoted as saying, “I wanted it to be a day of sentiment not profit.” Did you know that Anna Jarvis’ mother taught Sunday school for over twenty years?

Check out this link and video on the origin of Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day can be a tricky holiday. What can I do to let my mom know that I appreciate her? Most of us are asking that question every year.

And that is the right question. I think every mom would agree that what we want most is to know we are appreciated, that we are loved.

I have been blessed with three beyond amazing kids, well…not really kids anymore but definitely beyond amazing! They all showed me in their own individual way that they appreciate me.

Nonetheless, the appreciation that was most special to me came from my daughter-in-law. Why? Perhaps because I sort of expect my kids to feel appreciation for me, after all, I devoted much of my life trying to be Super Mom. Yes, I’ve failed, no one can be that—but I wish I could be Super Mom. But my daughter-in-law, she could ignore me if she chose to.

But she chose not to, and it was very special for me. We’ve all heard the mother-in-law jokes and snide comments. I would never want to be one of those mother-in-laws.  

At the end of the day, or in this case at the end of Mother’s Day, I have the best gift of all, and that is children who appreciate me everyday– Mother’s Day or not.

How was your Mother’s Day? How did you honor your mom? What did your kids do to honor you?

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day…What’s it all about?

  1. Why am I not surprised, that your daughter-in-law should bless you so much, that speaks volumes of who you are as a mother. You and your husband raised your son in the ways of the Lord and you loved him unconditionally even when it was not always easy. All blessings should be returned to our Lord but it is good to be celebrating what you did as a mom! You and your three kids are a reflection of who you are as a mom, praise be to our Lord, you did good! Now you have a fourth child in your sons wife, be blessed!

  2. This year, my mom said it was her best Mother’s Day ever because my husband and I hosted a “surprise” vow renewal ceremony the day before. We gathered 80 of our friends and family for brunch and most didn’t have a clue of what was going to happen. When my husband went in the back and changed into a tux and then came out and explained to everyone why I hadn’t made it to the brunch yet my mom just broke down in tears. And then when I walked down the aisle in a wedding dress (we eloped 10 years ago so there was no wedding that time around) she was crying so much I don’t even know how she saw the ceremony. It was a beautiful day for us and a wonderful Mother’s Day for her.

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