Mean Girls

meangirlsI felt like I was stuck in the middle of the movie Mean Girls. Finding a place to sit down for meals resembled the lunch quad in high school—surveying the area looking for someone to eat with. Maybe they will talk to me today, maybe not. Desiring to be included but never feeling accepted.

Day 1 – Why did I sign up for this? Can I go home early?

Day 2 – Okay, you’re stuck here for the duration, better make the best of it.

Day 3 – There must be something wrong with me.

Day 4 – I’m really feeling bad about myself, and starting to doubt my self-worth.

Day 5 – Going home, can’t wait to see my family. There is something wrong with me.

As I limped back to my family they welcomed me home with open arms. My spirit was restored. They teased me. They listened to me. They were interested in my feelings. They loved me. Not only did they love me, they accepted me completely, flaws and all. I went from feeling like a beat up old car to feeling like a polished Rolls Royce. It was magnificent!

I felt like a new person. It did not take long for me to soar again—attacking life with my full potential.

Think about your home. If we don’t provide our children with a safe environment where they feel valued, loved, listened to, and accepted we are sending them off into the world limping. We expect them to always “do their best” but if we are not providing them a safe place to land, we have sabotaged their mission.

Day 6 – Home. My family loves me. Yeah, I’m pretty awesome!



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