Marriage Material Quiz


Take this simple quiz to find out if your

significant other is ready for

a walk down the aisle.

A marriage that honors God is serious business. How do you know if the person you’re dating is ready to get married? Would he or she be an Ephesians 5 spouse?

Answer the following YES or NO questions and tally your results.

1)  Does he or she use the Bible as their guide for life? (Eph. 5:21)

2)  Does he or she talk with others about their relationship with God, especially you? (Eph. 4:20-24)

3)  Does he or she treat their parents well and with respect? (Romans 12:10 & Eph. 6:2)

4)  Does he or she talk to others (i.e. servers, receptionists, caretakers, young people, elderly, etc.) with kindness, and consider all persons as valuable and equal? (Mark 12:31 & Romans 12:16)

5)  Does he or she serve in a ministry, volunteering on a regular basis? (Mark 10:45 & Romans 12:11)

6)  Does he or she attend church on a regular basis? (Eph. 5:19 & Heb. 10:24-25)

7)  Does he or she commune with God in prayer, and especially, pray for you? (James 5:16 & Col. 4:2)

8)  Does he or she treat your family (i.e. parents, siblings, cousins, etc.) well and with courtesy? (Romans 15:2)

9)  Does he or she admit when wrong and use the words, I am sorry, please forgive me? (Romans 12:3)

10) Has he or she maintained balance in their life – not being 100% focused on you? (Romans 12:1)

11)  Does he or she take the time to thank others in a personal way, such as, writing thank you notes? (Eph. 5:20 & Luke 17:15)

12)  Does he or she encourage you to spend time with others without him or her being present? (Phil. 2:3-4)

13)  Does he or she care about your needs as much as their own? (Eph. 5:1-2)

14)  Is he or she a forgiving person? (Eph. 4:31-32)

Analyze Your Results

0 to 4 YES’s – Don’t walk, RUN for the hills! You have indeed found a very selfish person. Can God change him or her? Yes, of course he can, but do you really want to get married and then find out? If you choose to move forward on this relationship you most likely will have a long, hard, and painful road again.

5 to 9 YES’s – You too need to pause before making a permanent decision such as marriage. This score would indicate a selfish person, just not quite as selfish as a score of 0 to 4.

10 to 12 YES’s – Caution is recommended or at least further evaluation and prayer.

13 to 14 YES’s – You’ve hit the jackpot in love! There are no guarantees in any love life; however, you’ve got a better shot than most at happily-ever-after.

Choose well. This decision will permanently alter the rest of your life. Choose well, my friend, choose well.

Keep Going

DON’T STOP HERE! Now, take the quiz for yourself. Are you ready to be an Ephesians 5 spouse? After all, marriage takes two.

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2 thoughts on “Marriage Material Quiz

  1. Thanks Lu,
    I will certainly have many challenges ahead, all I can do is persue to become all those questions were implying though meant to look for in a spouse, I understand if you want to find the right one, we need to be the right one first, and I myself still have two areas to work in within myself, (according to this Inquiry) I also know I cannot change anyone but myself, and need prayer to do so, hopefully I am being prayed for by my spouse more than what I have observed!

    God bless, learning from you and Pastor Mike, my favorite people!

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