Marriage By Example

Mommy, please slow down. My little legs can’t keep up with you. I know I’m little now, but one day I will be a grown man with my own family. Please don’t drag me around at your pace. One day I too will be leading my family, and if I am being dragged around by you, how will I learn to lead with grace? Walk next to me, and model care by looking out for me and please stop rushing forward without noticing my stumbling feet. Please, Mommy, please slow down.

Daddy, please slow down. I’m following behind you but I want to be by your side or in your arms. My little legs must run to keep up with you. One day I will be a grownup woman and I need the example of a man who walks beside me, one who will carry me when I lag behind. Daddy, please, slow down.

Mommy, please slow down. I know you have a lot to do today but I am watching you rush through your day. My little legs are not long enough to walk at your speed and every three steps I need to run to keep up. I know my little hand slips out of your hand today, but one day I will be a grown woman with my own family, and most likely I’ll have a husband someday. I am learning life from you; teach me how to enjoy the process of loving others. Mommy, please slow down, and teach me to love unconditionally as I walk by your side, and not running to keep up.

Daddy, please slow down. I can see you’re in a hurry, but I’m little, and can’t move as fast as you. One day, Dad, I will be tall, probably taller than you. I will be a man, with or without your help. I will grow to adulthood. Teach me how to be a husband by allowing me to walk through life by your side, and not running behind you. I want to be just like you, Dad, and I’ll hurry through if you teach me to. Daddy, please slow down, teach me to be a great man, just like you.

Mommy, please be good to Daddy. I will most likely marry a woman like you.

Mommy, please be good to Daddy. Little doubt, I will treat my husband the way you treat yours.

Daddy, please be good to Mommy. I will most likely marry a man much like you.

Daddy, please be good to Mommy. Chances are, I will treat my wife like you treat yours.

Parents, instead of taking life at your pace try walking — literally and figuratively — at your child’s pace. Please don’t pull your child along as you hustle through life. They need you. They need you to be a role model for them. They need you to model being a spouse. They need you to be by their side.

Until next time, love your spouse with a love your children will want to emulate.



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