M.I.A. on Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. I must admit I have a level of sadness.

My darling husband went to Starbucks this morning and brought me home a coffee. He said it was unusually busy today, crowded with dads and their kids. No doubt dad was giving mom a little break.

A bit sad and a little ironic for me. What I want most today is to be with all three of my children, no breaks, just time. This is not going to happen for me this year, as one of my children lives in another state.

As I think about my above statement, “What I want most today is to be with all three of my children,” I have to take it back. For in reality I have something far greater, which is children who love God and serve Him faithfully. After all, this was my goal as I started my parenting journey.

What we do as moms is prepare them for leaving us and living on their own. Make the most of every opportunity, for once time has passed, you can’t get it back. You can always spend more time on the computer, texting, or watching TV but there is no such thing as make-up-time with your children.

Moms, cherish the time you have with your precious little ones, for in the not so distant future they will say good-bye to you and say hello to the world. Focus on the things that are most important.

Sadness turns into joy as I reflect on the reality that I could not be a prouder mother. And if one of my treasures is M.I.A. from home for our Lord that is okay with me. It is what I trained them for. Props to all you moms out there training the next generation of soldiers for Jesus Christ. Could there be any higher honor?

7 thoughts on “M.I.A. on Mother’s Day

  1. So Tim broke the 20 min. rule? we love and forgive him. just don’t tell
    Aaron and Eric!

  2. No, Mrs. Lu ~~~No higher honor! 🙂 You r DEF Blessed 2 hv children who are beautiful inside & out…but THEY ARE TRULY BLESSED 2 HV U as their MOM!!! :):):) U & Pastor Mike r the GREATEST PARENTS EVER!!!!! MWAH LUV U GUYS!!! <3

  3. Oh my dearest mentor and friend! Yes this is the greatest honor. As the day aproaches when my daughter will graduate from Bible Colleges with her B.A. in Biblical Studies..I know when people even Christians sometimes ask me what will she do with this degree.. I fill up with JOY and thankfulness to know that she pursues God’s Kingdom more then this earth. She married a young man that is gifted in teaching the Bible.. really what more can I ask for in life at this point? Well I do ask that my son that is six years younger then she grow to be a strong man of God…xxo

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