Love “You”

I was holding my grandson and walking around.

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I wanted to see what he would do when I walked over to the mirror allowing him to see his reflection.

Do you know what he did? Cry? No. Laugh? No. Scream? No. I’ve done all of those, by the way, after looking in a mirror.

No, he didn’t cry, laugh, or scream…

He smiled.


At three months old when he saw his reflection in the mirror he smiled. Now, I don’t want to get into a debate by deliberating at what age we can know it’s us when we peer into a mirror…

The thing that hit me was… we are born accepting ourselves… and loving ourselves…


When he looked into the mirror he had full acceptance of what he saw and he smiled. The cutest little gummy smile you could ever see!

Do you smile when you look into a mirror?

Or has life beat the smile out of you?

Do you fully accept yourself as is?

Or has life taught you that you’re not good enough just as you are?

Maybe it’s time to love YOU again.

The next time you see your reflection…SMILE. B-I-G! Love YOU. And from this love, love others.

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