Love the Bunny

chocolate bunnyEaster was the first holiday that I remember as a child. One morning I awoke and found candy on the coffee table in the living room just for me. Could there be anything better? I didn’t understand why, but I remember loving it. Every morning after that day I ran to the coffee table to see if there were candy left for me from “The Bunny.” Until one day there was candy…again—one year later.  No wonder it was my first recollection of any holiday, for a child candy is the bomb!

As I got a little older my mother would “play” the Easter Bunny in our housing complex at the community clubhouse. She loved it and the children loved her.

There was something about that bunny that made Easter so exciting.

Children love Easter. Every year as parents drop their children off for the Easter children’s program at our church, there is a level of excitement that exceeds all other events. Perhaps it’s the candy they are all jacked up on? Maybe it is the great service they are anticipating? Maybe it is a bit of both?

If you do give your children candy, don’t stop there, explain to them what you believe as a family. Use the excitement for candy to tell them about something greater.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I fully grasped the meaning of Easter. It wasn’t about a bunny, it wasn’t about candy—it was about the best gift ever given.  For me, it is the reason I believe what I believe. Jesus died for us and then rose from the dead! There is no greater gift.

As Easter approaches let’s not forget to tell our children what Easter is all about. Yes, candy is the bomb, but knowing Jesus is better than candy. Knowing Jesus is better than The Bunny.

Celebrate this year with not only family traditions, enjoying every minute with your loved ones, but also with thanksgiving and praise to the One who gives all gifts generously.

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