Little Hands, Little Feet

Please come in –

It’s 7:30 p.m. in the Williams home.

Mike and I are both kicking back on our sofa—each reading a book.

It’s peaceful.

Very peaceful.

It’s quite relaxing.

It’s quiet.

My mind wanders to what 7:30 p.m. looked like when my kids were little. I definitely wasn’t reading a book! Today, at this time in my life, I have time to read books, pursue interests, get together with friends, sit at coffee shops with my husband, read my Bible with actual quiet, watch an entire movie without interruptions, complete adult conversations…

and sit on my sofa and read a book.

But let me tell you what’s missing from my life…

-I don’t get to hear the sound of little feet running down the hallway.

-I don’t get to wake up to the sweet sounds of little voices.

-I don’t get to hear little giggles throughout the day.

-I don’t get to pick my kids up from school, asking, “How was your day?” and then hear hilarious stories.

-I don’t get to hold little hands in mine while we walk.

-I don’t get to watch Sesame Street with an engrossed child.

-I don’t get to see the enormous smile over an ice cream cone.

-I don’t get to watch my kids playing at a playground.

-I don’t get to sit and read Bible stories with my kids at bedtime.

-I don’t get to surprise my kids at school and take them out for lunch.

-I don’t get to hold a sick child all day, and have a great excuse to do nothing.

-I don’t hear little voices whispering, “I love you, Mommy.”

Yes, there is a season for everything. In my current season, I have segments of stillness and quiet…time to read a book…time to reflect.

I do love the season I’m in right now, but oh how I loved the season of raising my children.

Are you in the season of raising children?

You may feel like you’ll be in your current season forever, and that it will never end. But… eventually, it will be over, one day. And suddenly, like an unexpected turn on a country road, you will have stillness and quiet. If you’re like me, you’ll miss some of the craziness of raising children.

Enjoy this season, for most likely, it will end sooner than you’d like it to.

Take every opportunity to embrace every moment, hold those little hands, guide those little feet, fill up on hugs, direct those forming minds, teach your little treasures to love Jesus, and above all, display a life sold-out for God.

Focus on riches that last, and not fleeting thrills.

For one day you will have stillness, and your current season will be over… sooner than you had ever imagined… it will be over.

Until next time, embrace what matters most to you and love all out.



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