Let’s Teach Our Boys To Be Men

boys and girls copyWhat is the deal with some young men today? They seem so intimidated by the female species. I’ve witnessed handsome, intelligent, and witty young men shutter at the thought of pursuing a young lady who interests them.

What’s the deal? Is it the young ladies? Are we not teaching our daughters to be gracious?

Or is it the young men? Are we not teaching them to step up and be men?

Maybe it is a little of both.

I remember the first time a boy called my daughter. She was in the 7th grade. The young man nervously told her he was going down a list from school, so he called her. And her response was, “Did you call Ashley because her name was before mine?” Oh my, I realized she needed a lesson in being a bit more gracious with the boys.

I also recollect a conversation with my son regarding a girl who really caught his attention. “Go after her,” I told him, “pursue her, and win her over.” He responded with confidence, “I know. I got this, Mom.” Fast forward, he’s married now.

Young men, if a special young lady has caught your eye, go after her, pursue her, and step up! If she turns you down, move on…but if she responds positively, you may win your princess for life. It’s worth a try, don’t you think?

Moms, let’s teach our boys to step up and be valiant men. Let’s teach them to be men who women would be happy to stand beside, men who are kind and sensitive to women, men who go first and clear the way. Teach them to be men that aren’t dependent on Mommy, but real men who stand on their own morals and convictions. Men that are gentlemen!

Moms, let’s teach our daughters to build men up. Let’s do that first by example, building our own men up and not cutting them down.

Young men, don’t be afraid to step it up!

And for all those young ladies out there, be gracious to the young men who find you worth pursuing. Even if the feelings are not mutual, at least acknowledge that they have good taste.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Teach Our Boys To Be Men

  1. Lu, I love it! I think it hits home with me more right now because I’m reading the book called ‘Love & Respect’ by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. I think that maybe most boys and girls are not taught enough about how to Love and Respect the opposite sex. Because I’m reading this book and I have a 13yr old daughter, I’m having conversations about boys which includes when God sends the right boy to remember to build him up and be respectful.
    Thank you so much for your insights. 🙂

    1. Barbie, thank you! Keep having those conversations with your daughter. I did that with mine and I loved every talk. So happy to hear you have that type of relationship with your daughter.

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