Is There Something Wrong With Her?

While visiting my parents, with my daughter, who live in Las Vegas, we joined them to play Bingo. Hey, “While in Rome.” Sometimes I have a hard time hearing the bingo call and I’ll repeat it just to make sure I don’t make a mistake, when in reality it doesn’t matter because my mother is continually looking over my shoulder dabbing all the spots I miss.

My father says, “Get your ears checked!”

But a very unhappy older lady hollers, “Is there something wrong with her? Does she need to repeat the call?

“Yes!” without missing a beat says my 70-year-old mom, “Yes, she does!” My daughter and I tried to hide our erupting laughter.

This took me back to a time when I was five years old and I was kicked out of the carpool for rolling my eyes in the back seat. My mother got into a huge fight with the driver defending my honor and insisting, “My daughter would never do that!” After that I took the bus.

The funny thing is she never asked me if I had indeed “rolled my eyes,” which I am certain that I did. It was a common occurrence for me as a child. As I think back I can remember numerous times where my mom had “words” with people over them accusing me of “something.” She never would ask me if I was indeed guilty of the many “charges” I received growing up. Many times I was.

Wow, so much to ponder over this. I must say it is a wonderful feeling to have someone in your corner who thinks you could never do anything wrong, which is why I probably never told her when I was “guilty.” Hey, she never even asked.

But on the other hand, sometimes we need to look at our children through the eyes of reality to mold them into Christ-likeness. Mold them into productive citizens. Yes, there certainly is a time for praise, encouragement, cheering, and the value of pouring love on them is immeasurable. At times when we see the “imperfections” in our children it shines a light on our own imperfections. We all need to be committed to the process of growth, which requires 20/20 vision.

Any thoughts? What is the balance between praise and correction?

“Is there something wrong with her?” Yes there is!

20 thoughts on “Is There Something Wrong With Her?

  1. I just listed out my kids “imperfections”…ahhhh, you weren’t kidding about shining a light. It makes sense that the areas I struggle in (organization, prioritizing, follow through) are the irritations that stick out when my kids do them (or fail to do them). Once I get this log out of my eye, I shall address the sliver in there’s. Thanks Lu!

  2. Hey girlfriend. I have know doubt this site will be a success. Successful because the Lord is over it and successful because you can fit all of your stories and life’s journeys into it which will be a blessing to others. xoxoxoxo as always jsh

  3. Aw, GREAT BLOG!!! Thank u for sharing!! U had me LAUGHIN, THINKIN, THANKIN GOD, etc…!!! I already LOVE-LOVE your mom!!! GOOO MOMS 😉 I think it’s wonderful how the mama lion in us comes out when it comes 2 our babies! Had me thinking, WOW… we are SO BLESSED that God too, is protective over us & has OUR BACK.. ALWAYS!!! 🙂 Even if we ARE guilty!
    I believe balance IS important & it’s something I am working on everyday! *Sigh* One day, I will get it all right, lol but in the meantime I will strive to be like Christ & mother my son by pouring the love on, as well as disciplining him just as God does us when we fall off track & go in the wrong direction!

  4. Ok, so I am so like your mom, as I sat and read this story…..I could totally relate with being your mom.
    You surely make me look back on how I raised my children.
    My two children are adults now, although my son Ray is 20 going on 16, he still needs to mature a lot…but he will get there with God’s help.
    Keep this up Lu! I loved reading this and can’t wait for the next blog.

  5. I love this! It reminded me of my childhood and my mother, who was always my champion and chief defender;) Thank You!

    1. Kim…yes, I have met your mom and she is amazing. If you are anything like your brother I’m sure you are too! So glad you liked it!

  6. Hi Lulu! Loved your story… wished my mom had been a little more like yours… don’t remember too much the praise, but do remember striving not to do things wrong… because those things were noticed more… love you! Look forward to reading more stories!

  7. My first thought on the balance between praise and correction is . . . pick your battles. Too much correction can be devastating to a child. Make sure they know what is really important (hint: it’s not grades) and stick to correcting that.

    1. Yes Vicki…I agree with you it is not grades that are most important. Definitely a message we need to give to our kids–that their grades are not more important than they are.

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