I Was Nearly 200 Pounds


I used to be extremely heavy. One time a friend said to me, “I see you walking all around the neighborhood but your butt doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller.” True statement.

I have a bit of a confession to make: I can’t get enough of the TV show My 600-lb Life. This show is about people who are roughly 600 pounds who decide to have gastrointestinal bypass surgery. The camera follows them for 7 years. I find it riveting.  I can watch the show for hours. One night my husband came out into our living room at 2:00 AM asking, “When are you coming to bed?” I may be addicted.

Why am I so compelled to watch this show? Probably because I relate to the stories. I understand the struggle. I understand turning to food when sad, happy, lonely, rejected or celebrating. I also understand feeling stuck…feeling as though you are in prison. That’s basically what these people on the show have done to themselves, is put themselves in their own prison.

One common theme has stuck out for me through all the the stories I have watched. There is always a person being an enabler to the one who is morbidly obese. There is someone who is continually fueling the prison cell with large amounts of unhealthy food and habits. What I cannot understand is why family members don’t help those who suffer with overeating by following a healthy food plan themselves. Wouldn’t it make sense that to truly help and love the person trying to lose weight to join them in their quest for a healthier lifestyle?

Support from family is indeed how I was able to go from almost 200 pounds to under 120. When I decided to change, get fit, and eat healthy, the encouragement and support from my family made all the difference. If you have a family member who struggles with weight issues, help them by eating healthy yourself. It will make all the difference in the world.

How about you? Are you trying to get more healthy and fit in 2015? Do you feel support from family?

5 thoughts on “I Was Nearly 200 Pounds

  1. Hi Lu, this is a wonderful article. Thanks for sharing. I totally agree with you about family members not helping when they clearly see changes going on within this person. One would think they would say, “Hey, I love you, but something’s going on….” I, myself, have been losing weight and it’s really difficult when you have family members wanting to eat non healthy foods and go out to eat and they order foods you love, but aren’t healthy. If you are the one into weight loss then you have to be stronger and say No, but it’s difficult when it’s right there in your face. So, I definitely feel the pain. PS: I won’t be watching that reality show because I don’t want to get hooked =D

      1. Thank you Lu. Blessings. I don’t know how many times I’ve disrupted going out to eat at certain places and being the only one at our table not eating chips and salsa. UGH ! ! OH well, maybe one day they will get it. Also, I don’t buy unhealthy snacks and the hubby always ask why don’t we have snacks in the house anymore. Well, we do..it’s just not what they want LOL. If I don’t think it’s healthy then why should I buy it for them?

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