I Want Romance!

red rosesRomance is something most women desire. I’ve heard countless times, “I wish my husband was more romantic.”

Matthew McConaughey was the guest on the TV show Actor’s Studio. It caught my attention and I got sucked in. His beautiful wife, Camila Alves was in the audience and they handed her a microphone. McConaughey welcomed her speaking freely. She was asked if her husband was romantic.

I love what she said:

“I watch his movies and I think to myself, ‘Who’s that guy? I want to meet him! Can you bring him home please?’”

This cracked me up. Even Matthew McConaughey’s wife wants more romance!

We need to stop watching movies and reading books to determine what romance looks like. It is only a fake version of love and passion. Those men know what to do because the script and the director directs them on what to do. It is not real. Cut! Let’s shoot that again! the director shouts. They do it over and over until they get it just right.

Women cannot hold their men to a fake standard. A standard that Matthew McConaughey can’t even reach!

What’s your definition of romance anyway?

As for me, if my husband spends an hour or more talking with me, I’m happy. Sitting on the sofa and watching an entire movie with snuggling, I’m beyond happy. Putting on a suit and taking me out for dinner – now we’re talkin’!

Instead of waiting for romance to happen, create it yourself. Have a candle lit dinner for just the two of you. Or better yet, decide what is romance for you and ask for exactly what you want. Isn’t this better than waiting for it to magically happen? Make it happen.

Ask. Create. Communicate.

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