I used to hate shopping…

I used to hate shopping for clothes. I hated not being able to find what I wanted. I hated putting something on only to discover it looked awful on me. I hated not being able to button slacks. I hated looking at myself in the mirror and feeling frustrated that I didn’t like what I saw.


After a recent shopping spree with my husband, I can honestly say I love shopping now that I have lost the extra pounds that lingered on my body.

As the New Year rolls in I know that the gym will be crowded as many make their New Year’s resolutions. Somehow resolutions don’t seem to stick because by February and March the gym is back to a normal flow of exercisers.

What happens every year?

Many start the New Year with gusto, and then peter-out as each month aggressively builds with its own challenges and problems.

Instead of resolutions, a decision for change with action behind it is what will last the long haul. Change that is doable…change that will make life better…change that brings more productivity…change that fosters health and growth is what will bring victory.

Resolutions seem to come and go with each New Year, but change is a permanent decision.

Shopping is now fun, but looking in the mirror can still be a challenge as I watch the wrinkles continue to grow. Can I make getting less wrinkles my New Year’s resolution?



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