I Feel Pretty Good About Me

Think of the last time you came into contact with someone and walked away feeling better about you? Few people have the ability to influence others in such a way that after coming into contact with them, you suddenly feel a surge of positive energy.

We intermingle with people and try to impress, influence, and build ourselves up. Deep inside all of us we want to feel as if we matter, that we offer some significance beyond the number of Facebook friends we have.

What if we had a little paradigm shift: instead of looking for significance, we gave it away? What if when we encountered people, we looked for ways of helping them feel better about themselves? What if we became one of those people that left a situation better than when we walked into it?

You know you have encountered a great leader when after you interact with them you walk away and can say, “I feel pretty good about me.”

How can we apply this to our family? As we interact with our loved ones each day let’s look for ways to build them up and send them out into the world feeling like they have value and significance, knowing they are loved.

Studies have shown children who know they are loved do better in school and are less likely to succumb to peer-pressure. Our kids need us to lift them up as day-to-day challenges tear them down. Life will knock them around enough, so let’s make sure they don’t get that at home.

Make it your goal that your family members strut out into the world each day chanting, “I feel pretty good about me.”

4 thoughts on “I Feel Pretty Good About Me

  1. Love this Lu! And it’s so true. A great reminder to always be aware of everyone around us and what’s going on with them. We can all make a difference by listening, positive reinforcement, encouragement – and the universal “smile” 🙂 -I have to also say that my husband is a great example of this!!

    1. “The universal smile” I love that! Thank you Denise! And by the way you are a blessed woman to have such an amazing husband!

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