I Can Be An Idiot

The day started with me doing a really good thing. I was the “chauffer” for my teenage son and his two friends. We ended up at the movies, so “Mom” sat in the back to give them space. (Not really a sacrifice. I love going to the movies, especially alone…shhh, don’t tell my family!)

The movie started when an old guy with a walker arrived talking and wandering around. He ended up near me asking a nearby couple if there was a seat next to them. They got up and moved.

I’m thinking to myself, “Just because you are old does not give you a license to be rude.” Note to self: Don’t be rude as you age.

My mind wandered off to my seventy-something-age dad going through the Jack-in-the-Box drive-thru:

Dad: “I want a decaf coffee.”

Voice Box: “Sorry, sir we do not have decaf.” (It was before they had decaf.)

Dad: Agitated and speaking quite loud, “What do you mean you don’t have decaf?!! McDonald’s has decaf!!!”

Voice Box: “I’m sorry sir. I guess you could drive to McDonald’s.”

Dad: “Ok, just give me a coffee.” (Maybe Dad’s the reason they have decaf now.)

My mind wandered back to this older gentleman, how he had disturbed the quiet movie goers and then had two people move their seats. I might also add that I was much happier with the couple’s original seat, because now they were behind me and chewing loudly on who knows what. Ugh!

So rude! I focused back on the movie.

When the movie ended and I was leaving, I glanced over at the section the man with the walker had been seated. That’s when I saw it: There was a handicap sign.

I never cease to amaze myself on how I can misinterpret a situation. The loud candy/popcorn/corn nut “chompers” shouldn’t have been seated in the handicap section to begin with. There is a lesson for me around every corner.

What an idiot I can be! Sometimes we need to stop, assess the situation through a different lens and most importantly, do not pass judgment.

Does this ring true for anyone else out there? And Dad, thanks for decaf at Jack-in-the-Box!

2 thoughts on “I Can Be An Idiot

  1. As Michael Jackson sings……… “You are not alone, I am here with you” lol I feel so guilty after I’ve passed judgement, whether I was right or wrong! I know this is not my job to judge. I have one particular person that takes me there and has taken me there a lot TODAY. I feel better now because I have realized my wrongs, apologized and can feel God shaking his head in the horizontal direction with a smile. Now I have to ask God to give me the strength to apologize to my ex! Love the blogs!
    Keep them coming Lu!

    1. I love when you said, “God shaking his head in the horizontal direction with a smile” that is AWESOME! What a great picture! Thank you!

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