How to Make Every Day Better


I have recently acquired a tool. A truth treasure. And wanted to share it with you. It’s become quite helpful actually.

I learned this valuable nugget from my daughter-in-law, Jenny. After spending more and more time with her I noticed a significant pattern.

Anytime things seem to be taking a turn, a turn that could ruin a perfectly good day…


I would hear her say two very simple but powerful words:

It’s okay.

But she doesn’t say them with a monotone even voice. She says them with a cheerful, almost playful voice, adding a sweet up tone. After the initial “It’s okay” then she jumps into action with a plan B.

She doesn’t waste any time on:

  • That was stupid!
  • What am I going to do?
  • This is a disaster!

I know it’s fun to proclaim how life has handed us a zinger, but really, does it serve any good purpose to complain?

While at the grocery store, and we notice the one ingredient we need to complete the recipe is not on the shelf, Jenny immediately says, “It’s okay.” Usually when that happens to me in my head I’m thinking something like: “Major bummer! This is terrible! How am I going to make what I planned?! I don’t have time for this!”


When she’s working on a project, and it’s getting frustrating, she says, “It’s okay.” For me when that happens, especially if it is computer related, I go into a panic with hands flaring in front of my laptop screen. Somehow I think if I shake my hands in front of the screen it will magically make the problem go away.


When I accidentally broke her prized soap jar I screamed, “OH NO!” But she instantly said, you guessed it, “It’s okay.”

On that note, I ask you, what do you play in your head when things don’t go your way? Our self-talk is extremely powerful and will direct the course of a day. I’m learning the power of regulating self-talk. I’m learning to tell myself, “It’s okay.” I’m learning to say out loud, “It’s okay.” I’m learning to tell others, “It’s okay.”

When we complain or think something negative it will not make our situation any better. It will not make our day any better. When we shake our hands in front of our computer screen it will not fix our computer problem.

Our attitude toward a challenge will determine how we will feel.

Our attitude toward obstacles will determine how we will react. It will determine how we respond to others. It will determine how we love others. It will determine the measure of grace we spread out.

What’s the track that plays in your head over and over?


Does it make your day better? Does it lift you up or tear you down? Practice better self-care by using two simple words when your day seems to be going in an unwanted direction.

Say it with me, “It’s okay.”

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Now make it a great day!



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