How Did My Kid Get So Smart?


We all have days where we feel as if we are just not good enough. Well…okay…let me rephrase that: I have days where I feel like I am not good enough. Days where I feel like I need to do more than just be me, days I feel like I need to accomplish something big, do something that seems to matter, something out of the ordinary.

While having “one of those days,” my sixteen-year-old son, Joey, said this to me: “Mom, what really matters? You have a husband who totally loves you and would never cheat on you, and you have three kids that aren’t on drugs!”

Geez kid, how did you get so smart? He was right! Sometimes we can lose focus on what matters most: a faithful, loving husband and three kids who are successfully navigating this incredibly complicated journey called life.

I guess I am doing something “big” each day as I pour all I have into my family. Is that out of the ordinary? I don’t know? But what I do know is that it does matter. It matters…a lot.

It matters that my husband and I are in harmony. It matters that my kids “aren’t on drugs” (hahaha), and it matters that we make a difference in this world each day. These things matter more than we will ever know this side of heaven.

On those days when we doubt our impact, we need to remind ourselves that the seemingly “little” things in life are what make each day worth living.

And when you have a husband that, like Joey said, “would never cheat on you,” it makes life even sweeter.

5 thoughts on “How Did My Kid Get So Smart?

  1. Very true! Yesterday when you told me Kavin was acting good at the restaurant I thought, “just luck.” But then I remembered all the work I do to have him listen and obey and realized… “no. This is one of the moments our hard work is paying off.” Parenting is a HUGE JOB!

  2. Seana…yes it is a huge job! It does take a lot of work to get them to listen and obey, and you have been so faithful! Our hard work always pays off! He is so precious! He is not only “lucky” to have a mom like you he is blessed!

  3. True we need to remind ourselves that the small stuff is what gets us thru the big stuff. Every step forms us in some way. Love how children, even teenagers, can still see things so simple and uncomplicated!

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