Give Me a Break!

inside planeThe pilot had an announcement. I was flying from Atlanta, Georgia, to LAX. We were about to land.

“We have a passenger on board in row 26 and he needs to make a connecting flight to Australia. He only has 13 minutes. If you would please allow him to exit the plane first, maybe he can make his flight.”

Hmmm. I wonder if people will actually take a few minutes to allow this gentleman to catch his flight?

The plane landed and I remained in my seat, even after the seatbelt sign was turned off.

What do you think happened?

The passengers all ignored the request of the pilot and not one person allowed our Australian-bound flight buddy to move forward. Geez, give me a break! If just one person said, “Hey, let this guy go first.” Maybe the others would have followed. I may have been that person but I was in row 33, too far back to make a difference.

I felt a bit sad by the selfish nature of the human race that day. How hard would it have been to sit a few extra minutes and yield for a fellow traveler?

On the other hand, I often hear stories about heroes coming to the aide of one hurt or in danger. Standing valiantly in the face of danger or extreme duress, putting their personal concerns aside. But where was that hero on the plane? It seems we’ll stop and help if the stakes are high, but to be inconvenienced, we don’t seem to have time for a small kindness.

Small acts of kindness can make someone’s day. Kindness can put a smile on another’s face. Kindness can be passed forward reaching countless recipients who in turn spread smiles and good cheer.

When was the last time someone made your day with a small jester of good will? When was the last time you made someone else’s day?

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