Father’s Day Tribute


In honor of Father’s Day I would like to dedicate this post to my dad.

Daddy, thank you for:

  • Moving our family to California
  • Taking me to Disneyland
  • Bringing me with you to the hospital when you got stung by a bee and “thought” you couldn’t breathe
  • Buying a pie for my 4th grade teacher while at a fundraiser
  • Taking me to the outside slide at the mall and going down it with me in a potato sack
  • Taking me with you to pass out flyers for your business
  • Playing blackjack with me, while Mom was at Bingo every Wednesday night
  • Driving me to school in your new cars
  • Taking me to your Breakfast Optimist Meetings
  • Tucking me in at night
  • Driving me and my friends to Skateland every Friday night and picking us up late
  • Not yelling at me when I scrapped up the side of your new car when I first started driving
  • Teaching me how to ride a bike
  • Rushing me to the hospital numerous times because of a stomach ache (really I just ate too much, but you didn’t know that)
  • Paying for my braces
  • Taking me to church even though you didn’t believe in God
  • Teaching me to do my best and not give up; you always said, “If you throw enough mud against the wall somethin’s gotta stick.”
  • For teaching me your Golden Rule—“If it’s free you take it.”

I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day!



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